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Travel SMART


Don't just travel, Travel SMART.

Save money, time and improve your health! Particularly if you're currently travelling alone in a car each day. The Western Cape Government, as one of the large employers within the CBD, is participating in the City of Cape Town's new Travel SMart programme.

The Travel SMART programme aims to reduce the following:

  • Single occupancy vehicles.
  • Vehicle emissions (which contribute to climate change and poor air quality).
  • Costs for commuters.
  • Congestion on our roads.


Travel SMART provides information to commuters on the following:

  • Public Transport (How to use bus, minibus taxis and trains, timetables, routes, tariffs etc.).
  • Active Mobility (How to be a smart cyclist or pedestrian, cycling lanes etc.).
  • Forming or joining a Lift Club (Find fellow smart lift clubbers, know the legalities of a lift clubbing etc).
  • Becoming a SMART Driver (you will be "fuelish" not to).


Travel SMART supports the following Provincial Strategic Objectives (PSOs) and outcomes:

  • PSO3 - Increasing Access to Safe and Efficient Transport - 13% modal shift from private to public transport by 2014.
  • PSO7 - Mainstreaming Resource-use and Efficiency - 10% reduction in energy intensity by 2014 (off a baseline of 2009).


This is your opportunity to be part of the Travel SMART programme - We are providing you with travel options. Take the time to find an alternative that suits your lifestyle and together we will look after our environment, save energy, reduce carbon emissions and meet our PSO targets. Lets make the smart choice and show that WCG can make the change. Better Together.

For more information, visit the Travel SMART website , or download the Travel SMART information manual .

The content on this page was last updated on 15 October 2014