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Technology in classrooms: what are Smart classrooms?

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What are Smart classrooms?

Smart classrooms are classrooms that use digital equipment like laptops, teaching screens and projectors to help make learning and teaching better. These digital resources are connected through Wi-Fi and this improves the quality of education. This provides innovative ways in which teachers can engage and present lessons.

The benefits of Smart classrooms:
Smart classrooms enhance the teaching and learning experience of learners through the use of technology. Especially, in the areas of maths and languages.

The eLearning Game Changer does this as a critical way to help teachers and to minimise the effects of increasing learner to teacher ratios in the province. Smart classrooms improve the quality of education between better resourced and poorer schools by supporting teacher development and allowing learners to access the best educational material and resources.

How this is being done

e-Infrastructure and e-Technology: Providing schools in the Western Cape with access to reliable, well managed connectivity-related infrastructure and support systems; and teacher and learner technology.

e-Content: Providing up to date, CAPS-aligned digital content that is responsive to the needs of teachers and learners.

e-Teachers: Equipping principals, teachers, school management, and support teams with skills to use technology effectively and innovatively, and to bring it into classroom practice.

e-Culture: Creating an enabling environment for the rollout of eLearning through strong leadership and shared eLearning culture.

e-Admin: Reducing teachers and principals’ manual administration and shifting them towards more effective planning and management through the provision of e-Admin systems.

What is the ePortal?

The ePortal is a platform that provides teachers and parents with the necessary online tools and resources, to help learners improve their educational results and to get them more involved in a technology-driven society and jobs market. Learners, teachers, parents, school managers and school governing body members (SGB) can explore the educational apps, videos, eBooks and online courses on the ePortal. 

Where and how to access the ePortal 

If you don’t have access to a working internet connection, you’ll be able to access our ePortal via Thusong centres and Cape Access centres or any other free wifi zones.

Contribute online content

If you've an educational app, video, book, course or eResource, you’re invited to register your materials or services on the ePortal, which provide access to learning and teaching material, aligned to the curriculum and are of the required standard. 




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The content on this page was last updated on 1 February 2019