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Thusong Service Centres

SASSA applications at Thusing Centres.

A Thusong Service Centre is a one-stop service centre providing Government information and services to communities based on the needs of the specific community. 

We’re working closely with the national and local government to ensure that all citizens have access to the services, facilities and information they need at every Thusong centre. 

With 22 Thusong Centres in the Western Cape and over 400 across the country, citizens living in rural communities no longer have to travel or walk long distances to access government services.  

Satellite and mobile offices from departments and institutions such as Home Affairs, Labour, Social Development and the South African Social Services Agency (SASSA) are set-up at the centres to help community members with information and services.

The Thusong Service Centre Programme aims to:

  • Bring government information and services closer to the people to promote access to opportunities as a basis for improved livelihoods
  • Promote cost-effective, integrated, efficient and sustainable service provision to better serve the needs of citizens
  • Build sustainable partnerships with government, business and civil society
  • Create a platform for greater dialogue between citizens and government.

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Which services are offered at Thusong Service Centres?

The services and information offered to each community is tailor-made for that community and will differ from centre to centre. Please visit or contact your nearest centre to find out which services are on offer. The core  services offered are:

Service providers Core services
South African Social Services Agency (SASSA)
  • Disability grants.
  • Child support grant.
  • Old age grants.
  • Foster care grant.
Department of Social Development 
  • Foster Care.
  • Food relief programme.
  • Registration of partial care.
  • Request of payment of social grant into beneficiary account.
  • Reporting social grant fraud.
Department of Labour
  • Labour related issues.
  • UIF  applications.
  • Compensation Fund Status
  • Maternity Benefits and other labour related issues.

Provincial Community Development Workers

  • Enhancing Service Delivery.
  • Community needs identification.
  • Contributing to citizen education by
  • Providing referral services to communities on government services and programmes.
  • Identify and facilitate community needs.
  • Assist communities with government information.
Local municipal area office
  • Municipal account printouts.
  • Assisting with housing applications and queries.
Cape Access 
  • Provision of access to information through information communication technology (ICT) infrastructure.
  • Internet access.


At the Thusong Centre in Paarl, Centre Manager Daisy Ficks says the centre has become the hub of the community and assist over 300 citizens a day. Cape Access e-Centre at Thusong Centres.

“These centres play a very important role in ensuring that people access government services in our areas. We are very well supported by our local municipality because they see the value of the centre and recognise the important role it plays in the community, “ she said. 

Community members visit the centre for help on social grant applications, ID or birth certificate registrations and labour disputes. Like most Thusong Centres, they also host small business and entrepreneurial workshops offered by other civil society groups, such as businesses, NGOs and parastatals.

“Wednesday is usually our busiest day when the mobile clinic visits. Community members are able to collect their chronic medication, get information on family planning and some even come for diabetic and high blood pressure tests,” Ficks added.

The Thusong Centres are tailored to ensure that citizens of the Western Cape Province can seamlessly access a wide range of integrated public services irrespective of where they live. 

Michael Jacobs has been visiting his local Thusong Centre in Paarl for 5 years now and says it's made a big impact in his life.

“I see the Thusong Centre as a gateway to the outer world, “ he said. 

“The demand for government resources and services in our communities are huge. The Thusong Centres make it possible for us to access the information we need in our daily lives. Over the years, I can see the difference it has made in our community,” he added.

One of the on-site community development workers at the Paarl-East Thusong Centre, Stanley Cupido, who has been working at the centre for 7 years, says they continue to see an influx of people.

"There's a definite need in our community for more awareness of government services and facilities. The community depends on us to help with UIF and social grants applications, labour law queries and so much more because they're not sure where to go," he said.

Having worked with local NGOs, local and provincial government as well as businesses and parastatals for more than 10 years, Cupido and his team, are well equipped to advise and refer community members. 

"We feel really motivated when we were able to help our community and see our work pay off. Even if it's just helping someone complete an application form for their ID or social grant or referring them to the right department. Every day we see the difference the Thusong centre makes in our communities," he added. 

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