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Thusong Programme

(Western Cape Government)

SASSA administrator at Paarl East Thusing Centre. The Thusong Programme aims to ensure fair and effective access to government services and information through strategic partnerships and engagements with the 3 spheres (national, provincial and local) of government and relevant stakeholders. 

The rationale for the Thusong Programme is set within the development-communication model. This model reflects a democratic approach to a public communication and information system, as it aims to put the information needs of citizens first in the communication process. Some of the main features of this approach relate to the expressed need for face-to-face interaction between government and the people.

The primary focus of development communication and information is to empower the poor and disadvantaged. These communities have limited access to information and are the main target of government’s socio-economic programmes. The Thusong Programme is viewed as a means to begin the development communication approach and address information and service imbalances at a local level by bringing government closer to the people. 

Thusong outreachThe Thusong Service Centres, formerly known as Multi-Purpose Community Centres (MPCCs), were initiated in 1999 to extend and integrate government services into outlying areas. 

The Thusong Programme has been tailored to ensure that citizens of the Western Cape Province can seamlessly access a wide range of integrated public services irrespective of where they live. Therefore, the Thusong Programme has been expanded in the Western Cape Province to include the following projects:

1.    Thusong Service Centres
2.    Contact Details
3.    Thusong Zones 

The implementation schedule for the Thusong Outreach Project 2021/22

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