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Thusong Programme

(Western Cape Government)

Thusong CentreThe Thusong Programme was developed to best suit the needs of the citizens within the Western Cape, the Thusong Programme has been tailored to ensure that citizens of the Western Cape can seamlessly access a wide range of integrated services irrespective of where they live.  The programme is implemented in partnership with various Municipalities, Provincial and National Departments, Agencies, and non-state stakeholders.

Access to government services

Through support to 29 Thusong Service Centres and implementing various Outreach Programmes, the programme dispenses over a million essential government services to mostly rural communities, thereby pushing back the boundaries of poverty and inequality.  This is done through our provincial Thusong Outreaches, implemented with various partners, government departments and stakeholders assisting citizens with access to government services.

Furthermore, the Thusong Programme also ensures and provides oversight to municipalities to implement their own municipal outreaches and deliver government services within their communities.  The Thusong Programme provides further assistance to municipalities with their functionality, through the Operational and Maintenance Grant. Which assists municipalities to ensure that the infrastructure related to the Thusong Service Centre is well maintained.

What has made the Thusong Programme stand out?

  • Over 1.1million beneficiaries reached per year through the Thusong Service Centres and Thusong Outreaches.
  • Provision of operational and maintenance funding Thusong Centres.
  • Invest in capacity building of the Municipal Thusong Centre Managers.
  • Citizens access to integrated service delivery has increased, thus reducing the cost and time implications of accessing government services.

The Thusong Programme has been expanded in the Western Cape Province to include the following projects:

1.    Thusong Service Centres
2.    Contact Details
3.    Thusong Zones 

The implementation schedule for the Thusong Outreach Project 2022/23.

Awards and Achievements

In 2016 the Thusong Programme was awarded for the Best Implemented Programme Bronze Category, in the Premier Service Excellence awards, in recognition of the work being implemented by the programme within the province.  The programme gained more accolades in September 2019 and was the overall winner in 2 categories at the Thusong Service Excellence Awards, hosted by the Government Communication and Information Services (GCIS). the programme won the Outstanding Province for Thusong coordination and Outstanding Mobile Thusong at Provincial level.

The Kwa Nonqaba Thusong Service Centre - Mosselbay Municipality was awarded Best Thusong Service Centre in South Africa, this achievement highlighted the pivotal role of the Thusong Service Centres, and the importance of having a dedicated Thusong Service Centre Manager.

Thusong Outreach – Highlights for 2021/22 Thusong Centre

The Thusong Annual Week was celebrated in the Western Cape, being the host province, which was hosting the commemorative event. This was hosted and implemented in Op Die Berg- Witzenberg Municipality from the 15-16 September 2021, this event was implemented in conjunction with the Government Communication and Information Systems (GCIS) showcasing various government services, drone technology and vaccinations for Covid-19.

Economic Projects facilitated within various Thusong Service Centres 2021/22

The programme has become instrumental in piloting various initiatives to enhance positive economic impact on communities. To this end various small scale economic development, skills transfer and food security projects are both funded and supported. These projects have been implemented within various Thusong Service Centres to date 12 economic projects have been implemented through the Municipal Capacity Building Support Grant, with the aim of creating Thusong Service centres as hubs for job creation and training opportunities.

In the 2021/22 financial year, (4) Municipalities within the Western Cape were recipients of the Grant, namely Mosselbay, Hessequa, Overstrand and Theewaterskloof Municipality. These include Small Business Economic Development Kickstart Programmes, Sewing and Needlework, Youth Entrepreneurship Development and Hospitality Training with beneficiaries ultimately being empowered.

Establishment of Thusong Satellite Centres 2021/2022

The Thusong Programme in conjunction with various municipalities have established Thusong Satellite Centres.  These satellite centres provide government departments the opportunity to render periodic service delivery points, according to service delivery schedules. In the 2021/22 financial year there (4) Thusong Satellite Centres were established, being Dysselsdorp, Hex River, Citrusdal and Kranshoek. These Thusong Satellite Centres were furnished with entrance signage boards procured by the Department of Local Government and marketing materials by GCIS.

Partnerships 2021/22

The strategic implementation of creating partnerships within the Thusong Programme has enabled the programme to venture into various spheres. It has partnerships with institutions such as municipalities, government departments and agencies by facilitating various opportunities. These include job creation, training and capacity building and ensuring that citizens are empowered.  The location and model of the Thusong Programme enables the establishment of public-private partnerships which involve collaboration between government departments, the private-sector with projects to empower our citizens.

The programme is also at the forefront of keeping up with the 4th Industrial Revolution by partnering with organisations that facilitate robotics and coding programmes - such as the SUFF Academy, Think Wi-Fi and Great Poroza. By linking these partners with the Thusong Service Centres in the various municipalities, they assist with the development of young people through building their capacity and skill.

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