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WoW! Annual Community Reports

We are very pleased to share with you the third Annual WoW! Community Report. This report highlights and acknowledges the key collective wellness-promoting achievements accomplished by an expanding network of passionate volunteer WoW! Wellness Champions, WoW! Group Members and WoW! Partners from January to December 2020.

 The unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 resulted in destruction, emotional pain, uncertainty and yet also hope and opportunity for a better and healthier world. This Report offers a brief overview of the incredible resilience of the network of volunteer Wellness Champions to improve life for themselves and others by enabling healthy active living despite the devastating challenges and threats posed by COVID-19. Through adopting a culture of consistency, they identified and created opportunities for behaviour change to promote and protect individual and population health from non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and COVID-19. These opportunities range from establishing virtual support groups, encouraging and facilitating weekly exercise sessions, recruiting new WoW! Group Members, starting new WoW! Groups, developing food gardens, initiating food kitchens to raise awareness about COVID-19 and offering support for people directly affected by the pandemic.  

  We are grateful for the continual commitment, guidance and contributions from all our much-valued WoW! Wellness Champions, Partners, Supporters and the extended Team WoW! Members. We salute your willingness to spontaneously take on additional roles in response to the COVID-19 pandemic despite potential personal risks to your health and wellbeing. This report serves as a resource to acknowledge and showcase your inspiring achievements towards co-creating enabling environments for healthy active living. It also serves as a marketing tool to encourage more partners and sponsors to join and support this growing healthy lifestyle partnership movement to co-create a Culture of Wellness.

 Be a Champion by sharing both this 2020 Report and other health promoting information with your family, colleagues and social networks; and by encouraging and supporting them on their journey of lifestyle change. Please send us your ideas for co-creating enabling environments to live healthy, active and happy lives!

Thank you for being WoW!

With gratitude and WoW! Wishes

Team WoW!