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UbuntuCare Mask Initiative

Call for Action - Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Pandemic

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Ubuntu Masks
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An invitation to partner for change and upliftment.

If ever there was a time for us to work together and help the most disadvantaged in our country, it is now. It is an extraordinary time, and extraordinary measures of solidarity and generosity are called for.

What is the UbuntuCare Mask Initiative?

This is a public-private partnership born out of the need to provide quality cloth facemasks (non-medical) and at the same time create employment within the most impoverished and vulnerable of our communities.  Most of our community seamstresses are currently without employment.  Many of them are breadwinners for families and even communities.  Creating employment for them not only makes free UbuntuCare Masks available to the most vulnerable, but literally puts food on the tables of our many starving citizens.

How you can help

For every two-mask packs you sponsor, sell or buy, high-quality masks will be donated into the communities.  All funds will be paid into the Health Foundation, an NPC administering the funds free of charge.  The Foundation will allocate 100% of those funds for UbuntuCare Masks to be distributed through existing Western Cape Government Department of Health networks, who are enabled to identify recipients most in need of protection.

Buying masks

Place orders via: https://ubuntuclothmasks.shopstar.co.za/

Costing can be negotiated for orders above 5000 units. Contact harry@thehealthfoundation.org.za | 072 613 3719.

General info: wow@westerncpae.gov.za 

About the mask

The UbuntuCare Mask (for kids and adults) has been developed in collaboration with, and is endorsed by, the Western Cape Department of Health and ICAN (Infection Control Africa Network). Whilst safety, performance and efficacy are of primary concern in the manufacture of the mask, it was also important to create a mask that would cause minimum discomfort when worn for extended periods, and that would not need to be adjusted constantly, which would lead to touching of both the face and the outside of the mask. With this in mind, we have created:

  • A 3-layer mask - the outer two layers being polycotton (polyester for droplet resistance, and cotton for breathability). Each of these layers provides approximately 10% resistance to minute droplets.
  • The middle layer of the mask is a 50gsm non-woven polypropylene, the filter, which provides approximately 70% droplet resistance.
  • The mask has also been designed for maximum comfort. The construction allows full coverage from the nose over the mouth to underneath the chin without creating gaping on the sides of the face or the chin. But the design allows room within the mask over the nose and mouth for breathing and talking.
  • The mask is designed to tie behind the head, but can be easily modified by the wearer to tie behind the ears should that be a preference.
  • The mask is fully washable.
  • A full set of instructions is in each pack containing 2 masks.

Making donations

Please contact Harry Grainger, CEO: The Health Foundation, harry@thehealthfoundation.org.za | 072 613 3719. 

Bank details and contact persons numbers for further information:

Bank: Nedbank
Account Name: The Health Foundation of South Africa
Account Number: 1021 539 813
Branch code: 12 32 09
Branch Name: Business Southern Peninsula
Type of Account: Current Account
Swift address: NEDSZAJJ

Reference: Ubuntu Cloth Mask

Acknowledgement - Tax Exemption Certificate
All eligible donations will be acknowledged by means of a Section 18a receipt to enable donors to claim tax rebates.

The message is simple:

I Protect You! Your Protect Me!


Supported by: Western Cape Government: Health

In partnership with: Coconut Jazz, Infection Control African Network (ICAN),

The Health Foundation

NB: Click here for a Letter of support from the Head of Department: Western Cape Government Health.