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Safe Play Streets

Safe Play Streets is a wellness-promoting activity in a residential area, offering FREE FUN!  

What is a Safe Play Street?

  • A community-managed activity.
  • A residential street reserved for (children and adult) safe play for a specific period of time.
  • Motorised vehicles (e.g. cars, bakkies, lorries and motorbikes) are not allowed generally; only emergency vehicles and local traffic allowed at a footpace.
  • Children and adults playing in the Play Street may not be hindered or endangered.

What does a Safe Play Street offer?

  • FUN and FREE activities: through games, dancing and other forms of movement!
  • Environmental Wellness/Safety: through creating safe play spaces in own neighbourhood.
  • Physical Wellness: through increased level of physical activity and decreased sedentary time. 
  • Social Wellness: through increased social interaction and connectedness: between children, between adults, and between adults and children in the neighbourhood.

Safe Play Streets Normalises Play Outside for Children and Adults!