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Research Results

WoW! Phase-1 Results

The testing and evaluation of Phase-1 (testing) of the WoW! healthy lifestyles were completed during 2015/16 in partnership with WoW! Champions and Clubs across multiple settings. The results from 315 volunteer participants who completed the baseline and repeat wellness screening at 3 and/or 6 months indicate:

WoW InfoG phase1 results.jpg

Although still evolving, the results from Phase-1 show the WoW! initiative to be effective in increasing knowledge about healthy lifestyles, in changing health risk behaviour and health risk status, and in co-creating wellness-enabling environments through dynamic partnership approaches. The initiative reflects best practice in comprehensive, community-based health promotion programmes, with promising initial results. Underpinned by the results, the next Phase of WoW! is focused on addressing both health risk behaviours and the broader  determinants of wellness, and on strengthening the systematisation, scalability and sustainability of WoW! across the Western Cape during 2017 and beyond.


WoW! Phase 1 Report (pdf, 229.43 KB)