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The Western Cape Department of Infrastructure has appointed a team of professionals to undertake a site enablement process on the property which currently houses the Provincial Pavement Testing Laboratory, bounded by Somerset, Chiappini and Prestwich Streets, in the Prestwich Precinct on the edge of the CBD.

The City of Cape Town is partnering with the Western Cape Government by making available a portion of the road reserve adjacent to the site, which is no longer required for Buitengracht Road, for development together with the PPTL site.

The enablement is thus for Erven 734-RE and 738-RE, Cape Town (the Provincial Pavement Testing Laboratory (PPTL) or Soils Lab) and a Portion of Buitengracht, Riebeek and Somerset Street Road Reserve namely Erven 735, 737 739, 9564 and 9565, Cape Town.  The road reserve extent informed by the amended Buitengracht Road Scheme Amendment is shown by the yellow line, while the red lines indicate cadastral boundaries on the plan below.

The gross area extent of the project site is ±6690m².

PPTL Site CFM Aerial  Road Reserve 20231017.jpg

Cadastral boundaries of the subject erven – site extent indicated in blue

PPTL erven for WCG website.jpg

Erven comprising the site

The property is well located within the City of Cape Town’s Foreshore Gateway Precinct, an urban catalytic investment project; and in relation to the CBD, the V & A Waterfront and Foreshore area. It is earmarked for densification through mixed use development; and has accessible transport options for improved access to the economic opportunities. The Prestwich Precinct is in an area that is generally well provided for in terms of services, facilities and amenities and the living environments are of a relatively high standard.

Consultant team

The following consultants have been appointed:

  • NM & Associates Planners & Designers: Lead Consultant, Town Planner, Urban Designer, Architect
  • OvP Associates: Landscape Architect
  • Archaeo Adventures: Heritage Practitioner and Archaeology Specialist
  • Infinity Environmental: Environmental Practitioner and Public Facilitation
  • Nadeson Consulting Engineers: Civil Engineer
  • e2c Consultants: Electrical Engineer
  • Innovative Transport Solutions: Transport Planner/ Engineer
  • Talani Quantity Surveyors: Financial Expert
  • A Bhawan Professional Land Surveyor: Land Surveyor
  • C & A Friedlander Attorneys: Conveyancer

Project Phases

The enablement project comprises 3 phases following the Inception phase. These are indicated in the table below, together with deliverables and progress to date:

Phases Deliverables Progress
1. Development Plan compilation

i. Stakeholder Due Diligence Report

ii. Notice of Intent to Develop (NID)

iii. Contextual Analysis

iv. Development Options and Guidelines

i. Concluded in May 2023

ii. Concluded in June 2023, with additional studies required by HWC

iii. Concluded in June 2023

iv. Concluded in November 2023

2: Specialist Assessments and Reports Specialist Assessments and Reports. Concluded in December 2023
3: Statutory Process and Final Development Plan

i. Final Development Plan

In process

Next steps

Heritage Impact Assessment in terms of NHRA – the National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999)

The HIA is in the process of being finalised for submission to Heritage Western Cape (HWC). Notice of the draft HIA will be made available by approximately 11 March 2024 by placing of site notices, invitations to selected groups / I&APs, notification on WCG portal and adverts in the local newspaper. An Open House information session is scheduled for Tuesday 19 March 2024

  • Land Use Management Application in terms of SPLUMA – the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, 16 of 2013
  • The application is in the process of being prepared for submission to the City of Cape Town by June/ July 2024. Public notification of this application will be done by the City.

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