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A functioning, safe, reliable, competitive and affordable system of mobility lies at the heart of economic growth, social transformation, job creation, well-being and safety for the province and is a fundamental part of dignity for the citizens of the Western Cape. The minibus taxi industry provides transport to almost one million passengers per day (over two million passenger trips per day).

Service Delivery Charter

Customer Service Charter

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The Western Cape Mobility Department (WCMD) respects and protects your privacy.


The Department's vision is: Mobility as a connector of people, goods, and institutions. #CreatingConnections.


The Department's mission is: Leverage public and private partnerships to unleash the Western Cape's economic potential by developing a safe, dignified, and fit-for-purpose transport system which provides transformative access to opportunities for the citizens of the province.


The core values applicable to the Western Cape Government were confirmed as follows: "Caring, Competence, Accountability, Integrity, Responsiveness and Innovation".

These values are all underpinned by the concept of team work and will apply to the Department as well as to all provincial employees.