Waste Management | DEA&DP


Waste Management is responsible for the facilitation, development and implementation of waste management policies, plans, regulatory measures and systems which support integrated waste management services in terms of the National Environmental Management: Waste Act (Act No. 59 of 2008) as well as provincial waste management legislation.

Support is provided to communities, municipalities, industry and the private sector through the implementation of project-directed measures and initiatives in the Western Cape.


The Waste Management team provides support in terms of the following initiatives:

  • Integrated waste management planning: working with municipalities and industry to improve how waste is managed in the Western Cape.
  • Regulating waste management facilities: Technical assistance to municipalities is provided to with the aim to improve the construction, management and operation of waste management facilities in the Western Cape.
  • Policy and waste minimisation: working with municipalities, industry and the community to promote waste minimisation through awareness campaigns and capacity building in the Western Cape. Facilitation, development and implementation of waste management policies which will minimise waste, and reduce its environmental impacts as well as stimulate the waste economy and job creation.

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