Refinery Interchange along Plattekloof Road and N7 ramps update

21 November 2022
Department of Transport and Public Works

Notice of interruptions to normal traffic flow due to roadworks on Refinery Interchange along Plattekloof Road and N7 ramps.

The Plattekloof Road (MR14) carriageways and the Trunk Road 11/7 (N7) northbound off-ramp at the Refinery Interchange will be closed for road construction works from the evening of 2 December 2022 to the morning of 5 December 2022.

Restricted working conditions will be in place to accommodate traffic safely onto the open sections during the mentioned construction period. The public is advised to use alternative routes where possible.

The objective of this project is to upgrade the Refinery Interchange. The upgrade includes the construction of two new road-over-road bridges for eastbound and westbound traffic as well as westbound widening of the road-over-rail bridge for dualling of Plattekloof Road across the N7. The project was awarded to H&I Construction (Pty) Ltd in July 2021 and the expected completion date is February 2024.

To commence with Phase 3 of roadworks from December 2022, the existing Plattekloof Road Bridge over the N7 and the N7 northbound off-ramp to Plattekloof Road will be closed to traffic from 19:00 on 02 December 2022 to 05:00 on 05 December 2022. All N7 carriageways, the northbound on-ramp and the southbound off- and on-ramps will remain open to traffic. The flow of traffic around the mentioned construction works will be safely accommodated and diverted as depicted in the picture below.

The public is requested to be patient and exercise caution. Use of alternative routes where possible is advised to avoid delays and inconvenience.