Professional drivers complete accredited training

18 January 2022
Department of Transport and Public Works
Prdp 1.jpg

The Department of Transport and Public Works has an agreement with the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) to recruit trainees for accredited training and to provide necessary logistical support.

In August 2021, all the members of a group of professional drivers recruited by the Department completed 12-month accredited professional driving permit (PrDP) training, in spite of COVID-19 induced delays.

COVID restrictions meant that the course took a year longer than planned, and delayed assessment and moderation procedures by another eight months. Access to departmental venues was curtailed by the National State of Disaster, but the trainees were so determined to complete the course that certain learners offered their homes as training venues.

prdp 2.jpg

Now that these drivers have successfully completed the PrDP learnership, they have a 122-credit certificate to show they carry knowledge of their vehicles; have a certain level of analytical and numerical ability; are able to formulate and write opinions and comments; know what to do when they are first at a crash scene; understand defensive driving; have Level 1 first aid training; and know about customer care.

Their certificates give them better employment prospects, make them better drivers, and show they have a good understanding of the best ways of dealing with public transport users.