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Why it's crucial that 50+ age group takes up COVID-19 vaccines

9 October 2021

The Covid-19 response in the Western Cape has always been driven by data and informed by evidence. As new data emerges, the province has incorporated it into their response to the pandemic, ensuring that we tailor our planning, and response to real-... Read More

No one gets left behind - How palliative and hospice care can help your family

8 October 2021

Being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease can bring about a wave of emotions for a patient and their family. And while navigating these emotions can be challenging, healthcare workers like Palliative Care Nurse Annatjie Grundling provides... Read More

Western Cape administers three million COVID-19 vaccines

6 October 2021

The Western Cape Department of Health would like to thank the residents who have heeded the call to roll-up their sleeves and get vaccinated against COVID-19. More than 40% of eligible population in the Western Cape has received either J&J... Read More

World Cerebral Palsy Day: What You Need to Know

5 October 2021

6 October marks the global movement which highlights cerebral palsy (CP). In South Africa, it is estimated that for every 1 000 babies that are born in a specific year, about 10 babies will have CP. Read More

Western Cape Government and City of Cape Town encourage vaccine uptake on VOOMA

2 October 2021

“Save Your Summer: If you want to be fully vaccinated by the start of the Festive Season, you need to get your first dose by latest 20 October”   Read More

Northern and Tygerberg healthcare workers bring “Woema” to weekend vaccinations

1 October 2021

This coming weekend, the Northern and Tygerberg health teams will be ramping up their vaccination outreach programmes as part of the National VOOMA Vaccination weekend.  Read More

Helderberg Hospital encourages women to prioritise their cervical health

30 September 2021

Helderberg Hospital was a place buzzing with excitement this September as its staff and patients commemorated a memorable cervical cancer awareness campaign. They capped off the campaign with an important message, “cervical cancer is curable if... Read More

Vaccination remains key defense against severe illness and death from COVID-19

26 September 2021

Over the last few days of our vaccination drive we have seen a reduced uptake of COVID-19 vaccination. While we realise there are some people who have concerns about the vaccines, we would like to re-iterate the vaccines are safe and have been... Read More

Improved access to free emergency contraception

23 September 2021

Women who wish to prevent an unplanned pregnancy can access emergency contraception (the morning after pill) at Western Cape healthcare facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. Read More

Contraceptives lie at the heart of proper family planning

22 September 2021

With World Contraception Day coming up on Sunday 26 September, the Western Cape Department of Health continues to promote access to contraception as a foundation of good sexual and productive health during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.   Read More

PUBLIC NOTICE: Goodwood, Durbanville vaccine centres closed for weekend

22 September 2021

Goodwood Civic Centre and Durbanville Town Hall vaccination centres will be closed this weekend (25 and 26 September 2021). Both centres will resume operations from Monday to Saturday from 27 September 2021. Read More

Vaccines remain the most effective weapon we have in the fight against COVID-19

19 September 2021

Data of cases diagnosed with COVID-19 in those over 60 years during the week of 14 – 20 August when the Western Cape was in its peak of the third wave of COVID-19 infections shows: Read More

It’s quick, easy and free to protect yourself against COVID-19 – get vaccinated!

18 September 2021

This weekend, the Western Cape Department of Health will be opening more sites for you to get vaccinated. On Saturday (18 September) there will be 43 vaccination sites open across the province with 24 in the Metro and 19 in the Rurals. Read More

More than 1MILLION people are fully vaccinated!

11 September 2021

Recently reported data confirmed the effectiveness of vaccines when it comes to reducing hospitalization and death. Read More

Covid-19 survivor celebrates birthday today at home

9 September 2021

A delighted Vanessa Joubert (46) has been discharged from Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH) after being a patient in the COVID-19 areas for 52 days, which includes 42 days in the Covid-19 ICU. “I am so happy that I can spend my birthday, the 9th of... Read More

Confirmation – Vaccines save lives!

9 September 2021

This week, the Department presented an overview of the effectiveness of vaccines when it comes to reducing hospitalisation and death. As a healthcare worker if you are currently unvaccinated, your risk of dying is 1 in 480 compared to 1 in 1490... Read More

Our vaccination programme enters exciting new times

4 September 2021

This week the Department once again managed to administer more than 200 000 vaccines to the citizens of the Western Cape. Read More

Groote Schuur Hospital provides life-saving organ transplant service

3 September 2021

Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH) prides itself in improving the quality of the lives of its patients. Over the years, hundreds of patients have benefited from the transplant service provided by the hospital; and some have even been able to have children. Read More