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News and Speeches for Department of Health and Wellness

Emergency Medical and Ambulance Assistance line 10177 restored

13 February 2022

We are pleased to inform the citizens in the Cape Metropole that the emergency line, 10177, has been restored. Clients requiring emergency medical assistance can again dial this number. We thank you for your support while the line was restored Read More

One year later – young heart transplant patient is full of smiles

11 February 2022

A year after her successful heart transplant, Parusia Muhigirwa (13), is full of smiles and shares her experience of her first year’s experience with a new heart as part of Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week. Read More

Even for younger persons the COVID-19 risk remains of getting and spreading it

7 February 2022

Even if younger persons are not at risk for severe COVID-19 illness, the risk remains of getting it and spreading it.  Read More

Tygerberg Hospital commemorates Congenital Heart Defects awareness week

7 February 2022

Annually, international congenital heart defects (CHD) awareness week is celebrated from 7 to 14 February. Read More

World Cancer Day – closing the gap in cancer care

4 February 2022

Today, 4 February 2022, is World Cancer Day, a global initiative that aims to reduce the global cancer burden. Western Cape Government Health is committed to saving lives of preventable deaths by raising awareness and education about the global... Read More

Getting a COVID-19 booster dose restores the vaccine effectiveness

3 February 2022

About vaccines and boosters and why they are important. What is a booster shot and what does it mean? Read More

Take extra care to protect children from diarrhoea

2 February 2022

Extremely hot weather can be intolerable, but it is young children who often bear the brunt of it. Read More

COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Periods

31 January 2022

As of 25 January 2022, Western Cape Government Health has reinstated its previous policy regarding COVID-19 contact tracing, quarantine, testing and isolation. This follows after the amended National Policy issued in December 2021 was officially... Read More

Increase in fake job advertisements

26 January 2022

The Western Cape Government Health has been made aware of an increase in fake job advertisements being circulated online, especially on social media. Read More

Vaxi trokkie brings vaccine to communities

26 January 2022

The Vaxi Trokkie (vaccination truck) has officially hit the road in the Northern and Tygerberg communities from last week, as part of the Vaxi Taxi mobile vaccination service. Read More

Vaccinations are picking up again, let’s continue our protection against Covid

14 January 2022

Vaccinations are picking up again, let’s continue to increase our protection and not take COVID-19 back to work or school.    Read More

No need to wait for a booster SMS, get your COVID-19 booster vaccine today

12 January 2022

As we are coming off the peak of the fourth wave, let’s be proactive and ensure we get as much protection as possible during this period. Vaccination remains our best defense against COVID-19 and continues to be available to all persons 12 years and... Read More

Simple things to do to get out of the 4th wave

10 January 2022

We all want to get back to life as we know it and we now have the best chance of getting there. Our province has passed the peak of the fourth wave, but we are not out of it just yet.   Read More

Department committed to vaccine targets through its continued vaccination drive

7 January 2022

As we get back into the swing of vaccination after the Festive Season, we once again appeal to all eligible persons to get vaccinated or take up their booster dose. These vaccinations have proven to be effective in protecting you from becoming... Read More

Paramedics respond to 5 348 incidents during new year’s weekend

3 January 2022

It has been a busy December and end-of-year weekend for the Western Cape Government Health's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as they work tirelessly to provide essential first responder assistance, transport clients to healthcare facilities, and... Read More

175 bundles of joy welcomed at public health facilities on New Year’s Day

2 January 2022

The Western Cape Government Health is pleased to announce the birth of 175 babies* born on 1 January 2022 in the Western Cape at public health facilities. Of the babies born on New Year's Day, 93 were boys, while 82 girls were born.    Read More

Tygerberg Hospital performs ground-breaking First Time Exit Procedure Treatment

29 December 2021

Tygerberg Hospital performs ground-breaking First Time Exit Procedure Treatment for a Fetal Mouth Tumour in South Africa    Read More

201 Babies Born in Western Cape on Christmas Day in Public Health

26 December 2021

We are happy to announce the birth of 201 babies* as reported by public health facilities throughout the Western Cape on Christmas Day 2021.   The total number reported from 0:00 on 25 December 2021, comprises of 117 boys and 84 girls.    Read More