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Providing ongoing effective emergency care to treat conditions

6 February 2023

Over a weekend period where they responded to 5 968 incidents, the Western Cape Department of Health’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) worked around the clock to ensure rapid assessment, timely provision of appropriate interventions, and prompt transportation to the nearest appropriate health facility. Of these incidents, 31% were of a life-threatening nature and most patients were transported to the Tygerberg, Worcester and George Hospitals.

The majority of the incidents involved chest pains (1 018), weapon assaults (886), respiratory complaints (486), physical assaults (427) and obstetric complains (316). On the province’s roads, EMS responded to 184 incidents which included a staggering 84 (or 44%) incidents due to pedestrian injuries.

The EMS search and rescue teams also assisting several people who sustained injuries while hiking in Hout Bay, Newlands and Stellenbosch, which involved three persons who needed to be transported by helicopter to a nearby healthcare facility.

The EMS, with an escort from the South African Police Service (SAPS), attended to various incidents in the permanent Red Zone neighbourhoods, such as Beacon Valley (47), Tafelsig (35), Hanover Park (22) and Chicago (14). The EMS remains appreciative of the SAPS’ and other law enforcement agencies' ongoing support, as this helps protect our crews and enables them to care for the most vulnerable patients.

Our emergency medical responders will continue to work tirelessly with the other key parts of the public health system to assist our residents when they are in distress. Dial 10177 or 112 from cell phones in case of an emergency.