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News and Speeches for Department of Health and Wellness

Hero nurse embodies the spirit of the nursing profession ahead of Nurses Day

11 May 2022

On the eve of International Nurses Day celebrated on 12 May, the heroism of what the uniform means, going beyond the call of duty to save a life, was once again highlighted as Sr Diane Seale and her team managed to calm down a shooter and, in the... Read More

Lupus ‘warrior’ gives hope to those affected by this chronic, autoimmune disease

10 May 2022

‘Lupus might have my body, but it does not have me.’ These are the encouraging words of 25-year-old Tamryn Monique Swartz, a Human Resource Management student from Grabouw. Read More

School health services contribute to a healthy, thriving child

10 May 2022

To build a brighter and healthier community, health education and care start at a young age, and we encourage all communities to support the Department in educating and growing a thriving and healthy child.  Read More

Update by Western Cape Government Health and Wellness on fatal shooting tragedy

8 May 2022

Update by Western Cape Government Health and Wellness on fatal shooting tragedy at New Somerset Hospital.     It is with great sadness that we confirm the third death following the fatal shooting tragedy at the New Somerset Hospital yesterday... Read More

Western Cape Government Health and Wellness can confirm a fatal shooting tragedy

7 May 2022

Western Cape Government Health and Wellness can confirm a fatal shooting tragedy that has claimed two lives took place inside of New Somerset Hospital.     Read More

Groote Schuur Hospital performs first Cornea Surgery in South Africa

5 May 2022

On Tuesday (3 May 2022), another groundbreaking medical procedure was performed by surgeons of Groote Schuur Hospital – this time, the first ever corneal neurotisation procedure by a hospital in South Africa, paving the way for many patients to... Read More

Boost your immune system before flu season

4 May 2022

A healthy lifestyle has many benefits and can help your immune system to fight infections like flu. Influenza, or flu, affects millions of people every year. While most people recover easily, others can become seriously ill. Read More

Health is everybody's business

30 April 2022

On Friday, 29 April 2022, Western Cape Government Health and Wellness hosted its first External Health Indaba with stakeholder representation from the private sector, statutory bodies, universities, civil society, political parties, and other... Read More

Vaccination against COVID-19 still our best defence, now with increases in cases

28 April 2022

Vaccination against COVID-19 remains our best defence, especially if your immune system is compromised, as we are seeing increases in cases.  Read More

A long life for all – vaccines save lives

24 April 2022

Vaccines are one of the most powerful tools we have in our health arsenal for preventable disease. Read More

Celebrating World Book Day – important to read and tell stories to your children

23 April 2022

CELEBRATING WORLD BOOK DAY – importance of reading and telling stories to your child EVEN WHEN DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS ARE EXPERIENCED    Read More

Health facilities kept busy over Easter weekend, but not overrun

19 April 2022

The recently concluded Easter Weekend once again posed a range of challenges to our health system. Our staff and health facilities once had to bear the brunt of avoidable additional trauma cases.  Read More

The bleeding disorder – it’s treatable

14 April 2022

On 17 April 2022 we celebrate World Haemophilia Day, where we raise awareness of this blood disorder.  Read More

Community Health Workers helping people with TB to return to care

12 April 2022

Since the decrease in COVID-19 cases, Community Health Workers (CHWs) have been actively searching for people who have contracted tuberculosis (TB) and who are no longer accessing healthcare facilities for their monthly check-ups or maintaining... Read More

Gloudina Flynn says life does not need to stop after Parkinson’s diagnosis

11 April 2022

In 2015 at the age of 60, Cosmetic Manager, Gloudina Flynn, started dropping cosmetic items and perfumes and found it difficult to keep her hands steady while offering assistance to and performing makeovers on clients. Read More

Be smart, be safe and make the right choice this Easter

8 April 2022

As we move towards Easter, it is important to carry on with the life-saving behaviour we have adopted over the last two years to ensure that we prevent COVID-9 infections, hospitalisation and death as much as possible. Read More

Make your health a top priority

7 April 2022

World Health Day commemorated on 7 April 2022 highlights the importance of the role both government and residents play in their health journey and in improving health outcomes for a #HealthierTomorrow. Read More

Best Doctor of the Year: Cape doctor wins Silver at National Awards

30 March 2022

Running a hospital can be challenging, but what happens when you manage a hospital during a pandemic? Like many healthcare leaders, Dr Barry Smith showed unwavering dedication to fight COVID-19 and to save lives. Read More

World Bipolar Day – Bipolar Disorder can be managed with treatment

30 March 2022

World Bipolar Day is commemorated on 30 March 2022 and aims to raise awareness about this condition, address stigmatisation, and encourage people to seek help for mental health conditions. Read More

Closure of Athlone Vaccination Centre of Hope Drive-through

28 March 2022

The closure of the Athlone Vaccination Centre of Hope Drive-through on Saturday 26 March 2022 brought mixed emotions of joy, sadness, and nostalgia to the Provincial Health team who managed the first drive-through vaccination service in the province... Read More