Policies | Western Cape Government


Like all employers in South Africa, the Western Cape Government needs to follow the laws of the country when it comes to recruiting, hiring and managing staff. Listed below are some of the laws we use to ensure our workplace complies with all relevant legislation.

  • Basic Conditions of Employment Act
    This Act sets out the basic conditions of work for all workers in South Africa and spells out workers’ and employers’ rights regarding, among others, leave, family responsibility, working hours and pay. The Act does not, however, apply to members of the National Defence Force, National Intelligence Agency, South African Secret Service and unpaid volunteers working for charities.
  • Employment Equity Act
    This Act promotes fair employment practices, outlaws unfair discrimination and regulates affirmative action policies so that South African workplaces become more diverse and efficient.
  • Labour Relations Act
    This Act regulates the rights of trade unions and promotes collective bargaining at the workplace. It also deals with strikes and lockouts, workplace forums and alternative dispute resolution.
  • South African Constitution
    The South African Constitution is the most important set of laws in South Africa and governs all Acts and pieces of legislation in the country.
  • Public Service Act (.pdf)
    This Act regulates the administration, conditions of employment, terms of office, discipline, retirement and discharge of the South African public service and its employees.
  • Employment of Educators’ Act (.pdf)
    This Act determines the conditions of service, discipline, retirement and discharge standards for educators employed by the Government.

The content on this page was last updated on 12 June 2018