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Employment in the public service

If you have a genuine desire to serve your community and society at large, a career in the public service may be exactly what you're looking for.

As the Western Cape Government, we want to be the best run regional government in the world, by creating an open opportunity society for all so that people can live the lives they value.

We also constantly striving for excellent outcomes with knowledgeable, competent people, and appropriate policies, strategies and partnerships by protecting and promoting constitutional rights and expanding prospects.

Your personal development is important to us and we will support your professional growth with internal and external training opportunities.

The Western Cape Government is committed to service and promotes these values:

Care icon Care (to care for those we serve and work with)
  • We value all employees and citizens and treat them with dignity and respect.
  • We listen actively and display compassion towards employees and citizens.
  • We provide support to – and show interest in each other as employees and the citizens, caring for all our well-being.
  • We show appreciation and give recognition to employees and citizens.


Competence icon Competence (the ability and capacity to do the job)
  • We are able to do the job we have been appointed to do and always strive for excellence.
  • We develop and grow our people, enabling and empowering them to do their job in support of service delivery.
  • We empower employees to render an excellent service to the people in the Western Cape and we focus on this.
  • We demonstrate a knowledge and an understanding of executing our task in terms of the constitutional, legislative and electoral mandates and we work together to achieve this.


Accountability icon Accountability (we take responsibility)
  • We have a clear understanding of our vision, mission, strategic objectives, roles, delegations and responsibilities.
  • We all deliver on our outcomes and targets with quality, on budget and in time.
  • We hold each other accountable as public servants and we know we can trust each other to deliver.
  • We individually take responsibility for and ownership of our work, actions and decisions.


Integrity icon Integrity (to be honest and do the right thing)
  • We create an ethical environment by being honest, showing respect and living our positive values.
  • We seek the truth and do the right things in the right way in each situation.
  • We are reliable and trustworthy and behave consistently in word and action.
  • We act with integrity at all levels and in all instances, with zero tolerance for corruption.


WCG core values - innovation

Innovation (We are open to new ideas and develop creative solutions to challenges in a resourceful way)

  • We seek to implement new ideas, create dynamic service options and improve services.
  • We are citizen-centric and strive to be creative thinkers who view challenges and opportunities from all possible perspectives.
  • We have the ability to consider all options and find a resourceful solution.
  • We value employees who question existing practices with the aim of renewing, rejuvenating and improving them.
  • We foster an environment where innovative ideas are encouraged and rewarded.
  • We understand mistakes made in good faith, and allow employees to learn from them.
  • We solve problems collaboratively to realise our strategic organisational goals.
Responsiveness icon Responsiveness (to serve the needs of our citizens and employees)
  • Our focus is the citizens, building relationships that allow us to anticipate their needs and deal with them proactively.
  • We take each other and the citizens seriously, being accessible, listening and hearing their voice.
  • We respond with timeous action and within agreed timeframes.
  • We collaborate with each other and stakeholders, providing appropriate and reliable information and sharing it responsibly.



Batho Pele banner

The Western Cape Government also adheres to the South African Government’s eight Batho Pele principles (Batho Pele means “people first” in Zulu), which dictate our approach to service delivery:

  • Access: Everyone should have equal access to state services.
  • Openness and transparency: Government needs to be an open book.
  • Consultation: You can tell us what we need to do for you.
  • Redress: We need to apologise when necessary.
  • Courtesy: We need to provide service with a smile.
  • Service standards: You can insist that we keep our promises.
  • Information: You are entitled to full, accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Value for money: Your tax money should be used wisely.

The content on this page was last updated on 18 June 2018