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Salaries and benefits

When you apply for a position at the Western Cape Government, the job's salary will usually be mentioned in the advert. Here you will find the current salary scales (. xlsx) for public servants as determined by the Public Service Bargaining Council.

Salary Levels 1 to 10

  • Consists of a basic salary and 13th cheque.
  • All inclusive salary package that includes medical assistance and pension fund contribution (deducted from the salary every month). Employees can apply for a housing allowance.

Middle Management Levels and Higher

  • Consists of a basic salary.
  • The Cost-to-Employer (CTE) remuneration packages include benefits such as medical assistance, housing assistance, pension fund contribution and 13th cheque.

Senior Management and Occupational Specific Despensation Levels

  • Consists of a basic salary.
  • The flexible remuneration packages may be structured for benefits such as motor vehicle allowance, medical assistance, housing allowance, non-pensionable cash allowance and 13th cheque.

Find more information for SMS level benefits (.xlsx) and OSD level benefits (.xlsx) on the DPSA website.

Please Note: Individuals who are appointed on contract receive a basic monthly salary plus 37% in lieu of benefits.

The content on this page was last updated on 9 December 2022