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Safety tips for your motor vehicle

  • Always lock your vehicles doors and keep the windows closed.Husband and wife driving in car wearing safety belts.
  • Don't leave your vehicle unlocked, even if you think you'll be away for only a minute.
  • Avoid stoping at remote places.
  • Avoid parking your motor vehicle where there's no security officers guarding other cars.
  • If a stranger wants to talk to you while you're in your vehicle, don't open the window wide -only 5cm is enough to have a discussion.
  • Limit your trips at night and try to avoid driving alone. 
  • If it's possible, vary the route you travel to work and back. 
  • If a suspicious stranger approaches you while you're in the car, drive off if possible or hoot to attract attention.
  • If strangers loiter near or at your driveway, rather drive past. If they loiter for a long time, report it to your nearest police station.
  • Be aware of car jackers. They may stage a minor accident so they can approach your car. If your car is bumped from behind and you don't feel comfortable with the individual(s) involved in the situation, drive to the nearest police station for help.
  • Your life is more valuable than your possessions. If forced from the car, don't reach for your purse or valuables. Rather leave everything behind. 
  • Avoid giving strangers a lift.
  • If possible, use a gear lock or try to fit an alarm and/or anti-theft device in your car.
  • Valuable items like a laptop and camera should be put in the boot of your car.
The content on this page was last updated on 8 September 2022