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Safety tips while shopping

  • Shop during the day if possible. If you must shop at night, ensure that a friend or family member accompanies you. A female customer paying her bill with a credit card.
  • Avoid wearing expensive jewellery.
  • Even though you're in a rush, always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  • Pay for purchases with a credit or debit card if possible.
  • If your credit card is lost, stolen or misused, notify your bank immediately.
  • Keep a record of your credit card numbers in a safe place.
  • Be extra careful if you carry a wallet or purse. They're the prime targets of criminals in crowded shopping areas, transportation terminals, bus stops, on buses and other rapid transit.
  • Avoid overloading yourself with packages. It's important to have clear visibility and freedom of motion to avoid accidents.
  • Beware of strangers approaching you for any reason. Con artists try various methods of distracting you with the intention of taking your money or belongings.
The content on this page was last updated on 8 September 2022