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The Digital Economy Update Newsletter


The Digital Economy Unit sends out a monthly e-newsletter to all interested stake holders which looks at the state of various areas of the Western Cape's digital economy.

Each issue focuses on a particular area of the digital economy and contains:

(1) an opinion editorial on whats happening in the in the sector and the projects of the Digital Economy Unit in the sector and 

(2) a success story which explores the successes of companies and citizens in the sector. 

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e-Newsletter Articles

The Western Cape: Tech Volunteers and Small Business Initiative:

#GoDigitalWC Business Support Success Story:


These last few months has been both difficult and interesting has we have all had to navigate a world wracked by Covid19. We have all had to reflect and pivot in order to be resilient in these troubling times. Over the past few months, the Digital Economy Unit has introduced a number of resources and services for Western Cape citizens and entrepreneurs, under the banner #GoDigitalWesternCape 

This is a free support service where small businesses can access two (2) free hours of Techpert advice. Many tech experts have freely offered their support to entrepreneurs for which we are endlessly thankful. In our third case study of businesses who benefited through our Tech Volunteers initiative, we will be profiling ORT SA CAPE Education.


ORT SA CAPE Education logo


ORT SA CAPE Education


In this our third case study of businesses who benefited through our Tech Volunteers initiative, we will be profiling ORT SA CAPE Education. Debbie Orolowitz, a Programme Manager at ORT SA Cape Education, applied for support on behalf of the organisation. We chatted to Debbie and Bev Da Costa (Co-CEO) about their experience participating in this initiative and the relevance to their organisation.

By Mahdi Hendricks

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The Western Cape: Tech Volunteers and Small Business Initiative:

#GoDigitalWC Business Support Success Story:

Alison Barnard - AKE

African Kaleidoscope Events

In this article, we profile Alison Barnard of African Kaleidoscope Events as our second case study of entrepreneurs who have benefited from our Tech Volunteers Initiative. Established in 2003 and operating for 17 years, African Kaleidoscope Events is run by Alison Barnard. The business offers event management services across corporate and government sectors.

By Mahdi Hendricks

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The Western Cape: Tech Volunteers and Small Business Initiative:

#GoDigitalWC Business Support Success Story:

Nkosi Zikhali from Eversharp Cleaning Services and Projects

Eversharp Cleaning Services and Projects

Established and run by Nkosi Zikhali

Eversharp Cleaning Services and Projects has been in operation for four years. The business offers essential cleaning services that includes post-construction and post-renovation cleaning, carpet (wet and dry cleaning),and upholstery and floor cleaning. 

By Mahdi Hendricks

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Western Cape Digital Trailblazers 

Zimkhita Buwa, Director of Silicon Cape & COO of Britehouse

Zimkhita Buwa has spent the past 16 years active in all spheres of the digital economy, from the public and private sectors to non-profit civil society. 

We sat down with Zimkhita to talk to her about her journey and early career in the tech industry, her rise in the local tech ecosystem, and her work within the industry through Silicon Cape, Britehouse and other initiatives.

By Deejay Jay

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Mini Article

JUMP for entrepreneurs - the Western Cape Government's Platform for Bussiness Support

Version:2.0: launching the Andriod and iOS App

JUMP for entrepreneurs, or simply JUMP for short, is the Western Cape Government’s platform for supporting the efforts of entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes across the province. JUMP has undergone a number of improvements since its initial launch just over a year ago, all of which are laid out in this article. 

By Tim Parle

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Word disrupted in 2019 on a blackground of red dotsLiving Disrupted 2019:
DEDAT's Digital Economy Programme 

December 2019 ► 6 Mins Read Time

With the end of the year upon us and the turn of the decade around the corner, we go over the major achievements and happenings of the year, and what we have planned for the new year. 

By Olivia Dyers

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nick_hall_ceo_of_iesa.png2_.pngWestern Cape Digital Trailblazers: 

Nicholas Hall, CEO of Interactive Entertainment South Africa (IESA), CEO of Nick Hall Consulting & Co-founder of Make Games South Africa
December 2019 ► 10 Mins Read Time

Nick Hall knows the South African game development industry like the back of his hand and has made a name for himself as a veteran of the industry he continues to support and develop. We sat down with Nick to talk about his career journey, the founding and operation of Make Games SA, Interactive Entertainment South Africa and Nick Hall Consulting,  

By Deejay Jay

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Digital Tech in Business

SME's have much to gain by adopting digital technologies

October 2019 ► 4 Mins Read Time

Small business owners can have a difficult time as they go about their entrepreneurial journey, but digital technologies have much to offer and can go a long way to reduce the amount of effort, time and money small business owners spend on a variety of tasks. 

This article shows just a few simple ways small business can use digital technologies  to improve their business at little to no cost. 

By Deejay Jay

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I-CAN Centre Elsies River is a beacon of hope: bringing digital skills to communities

December 2018 ► 6-8 Mins Read Time

With the digital world dawning on us there is a great need to ensure people don't get left behind and acquire the digital skills needed to operate in the digital society of the future.

The I-CAN Centre in Elsies River is at the forefront of the Western Cape Government efforts to ensure people adopt the digital skills they need.

By Linah Maqashu

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pic 1I-CAN Centre Elsies River – touching lives, here’s some of the stories…

December 2018 ► 8 Mins Read Time

The I-CAN Centre in Elsies River has been providing digital skills courses to the surrounding communities for almost 3 years. In that time many students have passed through its doors and have had their life changed by their experiences there.

Here are the stories of just 3 of those students.

By Deejayjunior Jay

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Picture of Digital Tools in Small Business Op-Ed

Digital Adoption by Small Business...

the disruption we should all anticipate

October 2018 ► 6-8 Mins Read Time

In this article we critically discuss the rapid advance of technology and other digital tools in business and the need for small businesses in the Western Cape to adopt such tools. We also dive into the Digital Economy Unit's exciting new solution to drive the provision of opportunity for small business and entrepreneurs through digital adoption - the JUMP entrepreneurship platform! 

By Nathan Erasmus

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Success Stories: Digital Tools in Small Business

Success Stories: Digital Tools in Small Business

Looking at digital tools through the eyes of a small business owner

October 2018 ► 6-8 Mins Read Time

In this article and as part of our larger Success Stories series where we share positive success stories from the Western Cape, we meet with small business owner Ludwe Mandondo to look at how he has successfully integrated digital tools in his small business and how it helped him grow and improve his business. This offers a practical example of how any business can use digital tools. 

By Deejayjunior Jay

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CiTi Article

Western Cape Digital Trialblazers

Ian Merrington, Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative

October 2018 ► 12 Mins Read Time

CiTi as an organisation has been instrumental in the development and support of the Cape Town & Western Cape tech ecosystem and, Ian Merrington CEO of CiTi has taken the organisation to new heights since joining just 5 years ago. 

With 2019 marking the 20 year anniversary of CiTi, we sat down with Ian Merrington to talk about his career path and how it led him to CiTi, CiTi's past and present and what the future holds for the organisation. 

By Deejay Jay

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Success Story

Another business success story:

EM Solutions business coaching & consultancy supports entrepreneurs using digital technologies

October 2018 ► 7 Mins Read Time

We talk to small business owner Bruce Wade, widely known as the "Batman for Business", about his entrepreneurial journey, advice for entrepreneurs and the critical ways his business uses digital technologies to reach more customers and save money, time and effort. 

By Deejay Jay

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Picture of Arcade Games

Digital gaming: Leaping from the corner arcade to the present-day eSports phenomenon

DEDAT’s I-CAN Play Digital Gaming Project

August 2018 ► 5-7 Mins Read Time

In this article we critically discuss the evolution of gaming from the times of the corner arcade to the explosion of the present day eSports phenomenon. We analyse the gaming industry and the opportunities it provides while highlighting the efforts of the Western Cape Government through the Digital Economy Unit's I-CAN PLAY project. 

By Robert Davids

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Picture of Gaming Arcade

Successes in Digital Gaming

Including Profile: Ryan Parker

August 2018  6 - 8 minutes Read Time

The growth of Digital Gaming from means that people can now realistically pursue a career in gaming and it might be a lucrative one at that. With a career in gaming now a plausible reality for many, what does one look like?

We met with Ryan “@ParkerEsports” Macquet a competitive gamer and a Technical Marketing Engineer at Intel Corporation South Africa to find out.

By Deejayjunior Jay

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Startup Tech in the Western Cape - DEDATs Dash-tech Project

5 August 2018 ► 5 Mins Read Time

Digital technologies offer some of the biggest opportunities to be harnessed by the innovative African minds blooming from Cape Town to Cairo. In this article we discuss the importance of location when setting up a tech startup, we consider the results of a survey of Accelerators and Incubator in the Western Cape on the challenges they face, and we go over DEDATs approach to supporting the tech sector.

By Marc Cloete

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LIGHTBULB PICSuccess Stories: Lightbulb Education

South African Ed-tech company helping people shine brighter in the Western Cape

5 August 2018 ► 7 Mins Read Time

During 2018/19, DEDAT was one of the seed-funders of the Injini EdTech incubator. Lightbulb Education, one of its beneficiaries, has been pushing the boundaries of how technology can be integrated into the learning process and it is used to support education and training

In this article we talk to Allan Mushabe, Founder of Lightbulb Education and a graduate of the Injini Ed-tech Incubator, about how they are empowering people to better develop themselves by leveraging the power of digital technologies.

By Deejay Jay

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MarlonWestern Cape Digital Trialsblazers

Marlon Parker, RLABS Founder

5 August 2018 ► 8 Mins Read Time

RLABS and Marlon Parker are well known tech trailblazers in the local and international digital ecosystem.

In the second article of this series, we sat down with RLABS founder Marlon Parker to get some insight into how it all began, his life before RLABS and to hear about all the great things RLABS is working on (and it’s not just digital skills).

By Deejay Jay

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City with tall buildings at night  Future-proofing the Western Cape economy: Towards positioning the province as a   leading global digital region

 5 minutes Read Time

 Digital technology is increasingly disrupting organisation across all sectors. From evolving customer   expectations and the changing nature of products and services, all industries need to adapt the way   in   which they manage their businesses and carry out their operations.

 By Mahdi Hendricks

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School Article Picture

Is this the future hub of African technology?

DEDAT’s Ed-Tech Project

June 2018 ► 6 Mins Read Time

Imagine an ecosystem that creates solutions to global problems;an interconnected hub of expertise; high employment underpinned by a relevant skills base; everyday efficiencies through pervasive technology; alignment across society; international awards and a leading centre for investment… Could this be the Western Cape in 2030?

By Marc Cloete

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Success Stories Pic

Success Stories in Ed-Tech

June 2018 ► 5 Mins Read Time

The Ed-Tech space in South Africa may only just be heating up, but there is much happening! In 2017 South Africa and the African continent got its first specialist Ed-Tech start-up incubator, Injini, which aims to ensure access to early stage investment and support.

In this article we explore the success of the Injini Ed-Tech incubator and two start-ups from their programme.

By Deejayjunior Jay

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Article 1

Success Story: Hailing from the street of Imizamo Yethu

Owen Xubuzane: IY TV Reporter

May 2018 ► 6 Mins Read Time

IY TV was set up as an online community news platform for the community of Imizamo Yethu where residents can digitally access local news for free. 

In this article we talk to Owen Xubuzane about his life and experieinces as an IY TV news reporter in the Imizamo Yethu township.  

By Deejay jay

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