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Digital Trailblazers: Ian Merrington, CEO Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative


Digital Tech in Business

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Digital Tech in Business

SME's have much to gain by adopting digital technologies

5 August 2018 ► 4 Mins Read Time

Small business owners can have a difficult time as they go about their entrepreneurial journey, but digital technologies have much to offer and can go a long way to reduce the amount of effort, time and money small business owners spend on a variety of tasks. 

This article shows just a few simple ways small business can use digital technologies  to improve their business at little to no cost. 

By Deejay Jay

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Success Story

Another business success story:

EM Solutions business coaching & consultancy supports entrepreneurs using digital technologies

October 2018 ► 7 Mins Read Time

We talk to small business owner Bruce Wade, widely known as the "Batman for Business", about his entrepreneurial journey, advice for entrepreneurs and the critical ways his business uses digital technologies to reach more customers and save money, time and effort. 

By Deejay Jay

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