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WCG Wi-Fi Hotspots

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Western Cape Government Wi-Fi Hotspots

Below is a map showing the location of the Western Cape Government Public Wi-Fi Hotspots, City of Cape Town Hotspots as well as the ThinkWiFi hotspots in the Western Cape,  The name of the building where the Hotspot is located, its suburb, municipality and GPS coordinates can also be found. Make sure to confirm with the institution that is hosting the Hotspot that it is active and working before going to use one.

The Wi-Fi hotspot project was launched and run by the Digital Economy Unit where 178 WiFi Hotspots were set up with 250MB of free data per device per month. In early 2019 it was transferred to the Centre for e-Innovation at department of the Premier for its second phase expansion where the amount of Hotspots will grow to 1600 and offer 3GB per device per month. 

For a limited period only, users will get an additional anytime promotional data of 3GB per month once the initial 3GB bundle is depleted, meaning users can get up to 6GB of data per month.


More information on the Wi-Fi Hotspot programme is available here.


The content on this page was last updated on 25 August 2023