Nine City of Cape Town Clinics integrated into Provincial Health Service | Western Cape Government


Nine City of Cape Town Clinics integrated into Provincial Health Service

17 June 2022

Western Cape Government Health will officially integrate healthcare services of nine City of Cape Town healthcare clinics in Cape Town’s Northern Tygerberg, Klipfontein, and Khayelitsha areas from Friday 1 July 2022. 

The joint decision to integrate and take over the services from the Bellville South, Goodwood, Parow, Ravensmead, Durbanville, Scottsdene, Nyanga, Heideveld, and Nolungile City Clinics was made by Western Cape Government Health and the City of Cape Town. By integrating services at these clinics, we will be able to provide a more holistic and integrated healthcare package in line with the Provincial Department’s Healthcare 2030 plan to streamline the patient journey, create a person-centered approach, and to improve the quality of healthcare. 

“The City Health and Provincial Government have offered health services to residents of Cape Town for many years. Some primary health care facilities are operated solely by the City and some are operated solely by the Provincial Government, while nine of these facilities are operated by staff from both authorities under the same roof,” says Dr Giovanni Perez, Chief Director for Western Cape Government Metro Health Services. 

“As services have evolved and become more integrated, it has been difficult to provide comprehensive quality services in facilities where there are two authorities operating from the same premises which have been confusing patients and staff. The decision for the health services at each health facility to be provided by a single authority is motivated by a desire to reduce duplication and complexity, and to provide a quality integrated service to the clients we serve,” says Dr Perez. 

“A decision was taken by the City leadership to hand over all shared facilities to rationalise the clinic network to reduce the financial burden and thereby improve service efficiency,” says Councillor Patricia van der Ross, the Mayoral Committee member for Community Services and Health. 

“The City of Cape Town is committed to a smooth handover of the facilities and its services as the health of the community is our number one priority. City Health staff will be placed in other City facilities with existing shortages, including where we previously lost vacancies, as well as where they are needed to improve efficiencies and contribute in strengthening our current service package where required,” says Councillor van der Ross. 

City services include child health immunisations, women’s health, cervical smears, family planning, basic antenatal care (BANC), treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), TB and HIV screening and testing, as well as patient management. Several facilities offered adult curative services including pharmacy services. 

Once the services are integrated, communities can look forward to a comprehensive package of healthcare services from the Provincial Department of Health under one roof with a more streamlined folder management system which will include the City Health services and access to emergency care, maternity care, mental health, TB and HIV screening, testing and treatment plan, chronic clubs, access to a social worker, COVID-19 vaccinations, child and women’s health services, integrated management of childhood illness (IMCI) and curative interventions for under five-year-old’s all under one roof. A one-stop-shop for your health needs. 

Communities affected by the handover of services can be reassured that services will continue to be available in the same buildings, now only under management of Western Cape Government Health. City patient folders will be handed over to the Provincial Government healthcare facilities and support will be provided by City Health staff for the smooth handover of TB and HIV clients and their healthcare management, including clients receiving care for child and women’s health services. 

Services will operate from Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 16:00. The facilities will be closed over weekends and on public holidays. We encourage clients accessing services at these facilities to ask for assistance if needed and to maintain their appointment schedules as provided by the City Clinics as both the City of Cape Town and Western Cape Government Health will work together to ensure a smooth transition without disrupting client’s healthcare experience.