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News and Speeches for Ministry of Health & Wellness

New pharmaceutical management system implemented at TC Newman

24 February 2016

Western Cape Government Health at TC Newman is currently implementing a new electronic inventory and dispensing programme. Read More

Western Cape Government Introduces First 1000 Days Campaign

17 February 2016

The provincial government’s First 1000 Days project was launched today by Western Cape Minister of Health, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo, and Minister of Social Development, Adv. Albert Fritz. Read More

HPV Vaccination Campaign 2016 Starts Today

16 February 2016

Western Cape Government Health immunises all children free of charge.  These immunisations are in line with international guidelines, which aim to eradicate harmful illnesses that, if contracted can cause death.   Read More

Wellness Mobile Initiative Improves Access to Healthcare

11 February 2016

The Western Cape Government (WCG) continues to deliver on healthcare and improved quality education by reducing barriers to health access through the School Health Wellness Mobile initiative. Read More

New Patient Administrative (AR) and Billing system at Prince Albert Hospital

5 February 2016

The Clinicom and AR (Billing) systems were implemented at Prince Albert Hospital on Sunday 31 January 2016. These systems replaced the previous system that was used at the hospital. Read More

We Can All Contribute to Minimising the Risk of Cancer

1 February 2016

World Cancer Day is highlighted internationally on the 4 February annually. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a multi-faceted approach is needed to reduce the risk of cancer, which includes nutrition, physical activity and body... Read More