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News and Speeches for Ministry of Health & Wellness

Isolate and #StopTheSpread

27 April 2020

In line with international and national advice, the Western Cape Government has embarked on the isolation (of infected people) and quarantine (of their contacts), as a very important step in the process to suppress the spread of COVID-19. Read More

Thanking our health workers during World Immunisation Week

23 April 2020

As World Immunisation Week (24 April to 30 April) is commemorated globally, the Western Cape Government Health (WCGH) would like to thank all frontline health workers who work tirelessly to protect people from vaccine preventable diseases. Read More

EMS Responds to 3 360 Incidents

20 April 2020

During the weekend, 17 – 19 April, 2020 the Western Cape Government Health's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) responded to 3 360 incidents in the Western Cape. Read More

Parents be aware of dangers of toxic substances

16 April 2020

It has come to the attention of the Tygerberg Hospital Poisons Information Centre that a new dangerous trend has been making the rounds on social media. This has been identified as the nutmeg challenge. Youths are challenged to mix ground nutmeg and... Read More

Community Screening and Testing Resumes On 14 April 2020

14 April 2020

In the fight against the coronavirus, Government is embarking on an active program through the COVID-19 Home Visits program. We are trying to find people who might need help. We need to talk to people to find out whether they need to go for testing... Read More

Media Release: Community Screening and Testing for Covid-19 to Start On 6 April

5 April 2020

Western Cape Government Health will commence community screening and testing for COVID-19 from Monday, 6 April 2020. This is in line with the President and Minister Mkhize’s announcement that fieldworkers will commence with an active community... Read More

Media release: At risk patients to receive Flu Vaccinations

3 April 2020

With winter fast approaching in the Western Cape and a possible escalation of patients who will experience the cold and flu, the Western Cape Government has ensured that primary health care facilities are geared and ready to offer free flu... Read More

Western Cape recruitment drive in full swing to combat the spread of COVID-19

3 April 2020

The Western Cape Government Health is calling on skilled health professionals residing in the province and beyond the borders of the province, to volunteer and assist in the fight to stop the spread of COVID-19, in the Western Cape. Read More