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News and Speeches for Ministry of Health & Wellness

Be ballsy and get checked for prostate and testicular cancer

21 November 2019

By doing the #FafChallenge during November and going for a screening for testicular cancer, our Springbok Rugby World Cup Champions are highlighting how important it is for men of all ages to go for regular health check-ups. Read More

Proudly Diabetic Patient Lives Life to the Fullest

15 November 2019

I don’t call myself diabetic, I call myself “proudly Diabetic.”  Grassy Park resident, Mr. Martin Van Gee, has been living with Diabetes Mellitus for 36 years. Read More

Spotlight on Diabetes

13 November 2019

You might have heard or read about diabetes, or you know someone with diabetes, or perhaps you have diabetes. Much has been done to raise awareness of the impact that diabetes has on the individual and family. Read More