Celebrating Groote Schuur Hospital women who make a difference: Mariam Anthony | Western Cape Government

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Celebrating Groote Schuur Hospital women who make a difference: Mariam Anthony

11 August 2021

Mariam Anthony has been employed at Groote Schuur Hospital (GSH) for the past 39 years and is nearing her retirement. Currently, she works as an administration clerk in the Engineering Department. The hospital recognises the contributions of Mariam and all the other inspirational female officials.

“I started working at the hospital in 1982 in the Medical Informatics Department as a data typist. In 1993, I was moved to the Engineering Department and that is where I still am working. There are approximately 80 staff working in the department with most of the staff being men. My job entails doing the administration work for all the staff working in the department,” explained the 60-year-old Mariam.

Not everyone knows what an important role the Engineering Department plays in the effective operation of a hospital. “Engineering plays a vital role in the hospital. We have plumbers, electricians, and carpenters to name but a few artisans. Without them at the hospital, the hospital will not be able to function at all. So, I see us as vital for the hospital and I am proud that I can assist to make sure that we can provide the quality care for our patients.”

While working at the hospital for the 39 years there is always highlights and sad moments, admits Mariam. “One of my highlights is the fact that I met my husband 20 years ago at the hospital who is also an employee here. Sad moments are when colleagues die who have been working with you for all the years. We also have fun moments where we play dominoes and cards during the tea and lunch breaks. Just a pity Covid-19 has put a stop to that currently,” laughs Mariam.

“It’s not easy to be one of a few women working in the department. As a woman, you must have a strong character to work with all the men. If you show them respect you will get the same respect back from them, and that is what makes it so enjoyable to work in this department. I am very comfortable working with all my colleagues, they have become like my second family. I feel, as a woman, we need to be appreciated for what we do, especially someone like me who works in a male-dominated environment,” reflects Mariam who resides in Heideveld.

Mariam is due to retire soon, but she can’t see life without working at the hospital. “I can’t imagine life without working at this great hospital. I am proud to have made a difference in the lives of so many patients at the hospital.”

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