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Tygerberg Hospital hero amongst us – Dr Koos Jordaan

28 September 2020

This week’s nominated coronavirus hero amongst us at Tygerberg Hospital, Dr Koos Jordaan, provides an essential service to the public during these challenging times. The hero amongst us campaign seeks to highlight an official’s achievements, abilities or personal qualities during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the eyes of hospital staff, he or she can also be regarded as a role model.

Dr Jordaan has worked at the hospital for 7 years as an orthopaedic surgeon and the lead surgeon for hip and knee arthroplasty and hip fracture management. ‘The orthopaedic department at Tygerberg is a family that works together; we are not just individuals. COVID-19 affected our department severely, but as a group, we have embraced the challenges and changes. We continue to support one another and to provide the best care for our patients during these difficult times,’ said Dr Jordaan, who lives in Bellville.

What motivates Dr Jordaan to come to work every day: ‘My family – my wife, Dr Annette Theron (also an anesthesiologist at Tygerberg), and our three lovely but naughty boys. The fear of doing schoolwork with the boys during lockdown, made coming to work easier. As a family, we are all in this together. Our combined calling, destiny and belief – we are blessed to be healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and to be able to stand up to help the sick and injured. My orthopaedic family also motivates me – our department has embraced the “we can” philosophy of tackling each day, helping one another and making the best during difficult times.’

During the COVID-19 pandemic Dr Jordaan has operated on both traumatic hip fracture patients, including a COVID-19 positive patient from the Cape Town Hospital of Hope, and severely disabled patients with severe hip or knee disease. ‘We recently operated on a patient who became wheelchair bound with severe hip disease, to see her walking out of the hospital three days after her hip replacement, was something that lifted both medical and nursing spirits. We all love a happy ending,’ said Dr Jordaan.

In his view, the hospital has made it easier for him and his colleagues during the pandemic. ‘COVID-19 has been difficult for all. I do believe that Tygerberg Hospital management has also worked tirelessly to protect its staff and at the same time to serve its patients, also in very challenging conditions.’

Dr Jordaan would like to share the following messages of support: ‘You are not alone – we are all in this together. I do like the analogy “we are all in the same storm, but each one in different boats”. As we do not know the situation on each other’s boats, let’s stop being so judgmental, but rather focus on how I (or you) can make this world a better place for all.’

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