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World Trauma Day 2018

18 October 2018

On World Trauma Day we turn our attention to those who have undergone preventable trauma. Over the first weekend of the September school holidays this year, the Trauma Unit at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital saw a dramatic increase of serious child injuries. 

Over 100 patients were treated over this short weekend.  Children were brought to the Hospital with traumatic injuries ranging from dog bites and burns (hot water, electrical and flame), to a gun shot, snake bites and motor vehicle accidents.

Child safety is the primary responsibility of parents and adults, however, the high number of injuries reported above indicates a profound lack of adequate parental & adult supervision when children are at home.

In the light of the annual festive season coming up, Childsafe would like to stress the responsibility of adults and grown-ups they have over the young and vulnerable; especially those under the age of 6.

The top 3 killers of children are traffic (pedestrians and unrestrained children), drownings and burns. Let’s make sure we protect our little ones this season.

Combined statement with ChildSafe ( and the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital.

Media Enquiries: 

Dwayne Evans
Communications Officer
Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital
Mobile: 072 236 8658