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Minister Carlisle Examines Exciting National Road Traffic Act Amendments

16 June 2012

Robin Carlisle, Minister of Transport and Public Works, and officials at his Department, are examining amendments which have been proposed to the regulations of the National Road Traffic Act (1996), which were gazetted last week.

"There are a number of matters that are addressed in the amendments that have been areas of particular concern, and that we are looking at very closely," said Minister Carlisle.

The four areas that stand out most prominently are:

  1. The introduction of RICA-style proof of address for all individuals registered on the ENATIS system, conceived in the amendment as a once-off process. We want to see this extended so that every transaction with ENATIS will require proof of address as well as ID. In addition to ensuring that ordinary motorists keep their records up to date, this also means that there will be nowhere to hide for motorists and vehicle owners who do not pay traffic fines or wish to evade police investigation.
  2. The introduction of periodic roadworthy tests for private vehicles over ten years old. This will be required every two years once a vehicle is more than ten years old, and excludes vintage cars. While this is long overdue, it is a lax protocol by international standards, and we will be looking at this closely.
  3. The introduction of regulations covering driving schools. These are a vital link in the chain of road safety, and it is high time that this industry was better regulated, for its own benefit, as well as those of all road-users.
  4. The introduction of a year-long Provisional Licence step in driver licencing. While this may present challenges in terms of practical implementation, young, reckless drivers are among the biggest killers on our roads.

The Department will be supplying its formal comments and recommendations in the coming weeks, ahead of the 6 July 2012 deadline. Members of the public are encouraged to comment on the proposed amendments which were published in Government Gazette 35413.

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