News and Speeches for Department of Transport and Public Works

Media Alert: Pre-Budget Speech Briefing

24 March 2010

The Minister of Transport Robin Carlisle will, tomorrow, brief the media about his department's budget speech for the 2010/2011 financial year.Where: Minister's boardroom, 08th Floor, 09 Dorp Street.Time: 12:00 Read More

National Taxi Alliance Strike

22 March 2010

After having spent much of the weekend in negotiations with the Western Cape National Taxi Alliance (NTA) in an effort to avoid today's strike I am furious that this morning the body was involved in acts of violence and intimidation including... Read More

Portswood Road Evictions

17 March 2010

In the last week, the media spotlight has fallen on the Portswood Road evictions. For the purpose of clarification, the following process was followed: Read More

Misconduct Findings Regarding Head of Department

10 March 2010

The Premier has received the findings of the disciplinary inquiry that was instituted into allegations of serious misconduct by the Head of the Provincial Department of Transport and Public Works, Mr Thami Manyathi. Read More

Vision to Create a World-Class Public Transport System

7 March 2010

My Vision to Create a World-Class Public Transport System for the Twenty First (21st) Century Read More

No Escape from Drager Breathalyser Machines

4 March 2010

The headline Breathalyser Test Invalid (cape Times, 15 March) distorts the facts and undermines the public good. The fight against drunken killers on our roads is one of the biggest challenges facing South Africa. Read More

Province and City Launch Blitz on Seatbelt, Number Plate Compliance and Cell Phone Use

2 March 2010

Minister of Community Safety, Lennit Max and City of Cape Town Mayco member, JP Smith will today launch a 30 day blitz on seatbelt and number plate compliance, and cell phone usage while driving. Read More