News and Speeches for Department of Transport and Public Works

Proposal to Increase Motor Vehicle Licence Fees by 3.4%

28 March 2014

The Department of Transport and Public Works invites all vehicle owners to comment on the proposed 3.4% motor vehicle licence fee increase before Friday, 25 April 2014 Read More

Western Cape Government on Partnerships to Develop Four Prime City Properties

26 March 2014

The Western Cape is determined to improve potential properties and develop strategic partnerships with the private sector. Read More

Country’s Top Department Grows from Strength to Strength

20 March 2014

The Minister of Transport and Public Works has delivered his Budget Speech for 2014. Read More

Bellville Workshop Apprentices Set for Skilled Artisans' Careers

12 March 2014

The Department of Transport and Public Works prioritises to fulfil the demand of more highly skilled artisans in the mechanical field through the apprenticeship programme. Read More

South Africa's First Non-Metro Integrated Public Transport Network

11 March 2014

A new Integrated public transport system in George is set to connect thousands of commuters to places of work in a cost effective way. Read More

Barbaric Attack on Motorist by Cycling Group Condemned

4 March 2014

Minister Carlisle condemns alleged attack on a motorist by a group of cyclists on 2 March 2014. Read More