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87 Arrested for Being over the Limit on Western Cape roads

28 December 2015

Provincial Traffic Services have been working around the clock to help create safer, booze-free roads. Officers do not hesitate to arrest drivers for if they are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating drugs. Drunk drivers put their own lives and those of their passengers in danger, as well as the lives of other road users.

In the last seven days, traffic officers stopped a total of 27 912 vehicles in roadblocks across the province. Alcohol breath-testing was performed on 5 089 motorists and 87 were arrested for being over the limit. Somerset West traffic arrested the most drunken drivers (19). The highest breath alcohol reading was recorded in Somerset West. At 1,81 mg of alcohol/ 1 000 ml of breath, this is almost seven times the legal limit of 0,24 mg/ 1 000 ml.

A total of 2 473 vehicles were tested for overloading at the Department’s weighbridges, and seven were impounded. A total of 71 vehicles were suspended from using the road until they have been certified as roadworthy and owners have renewed their vehicle licences. The largest number of suspended vehicles (15) were recorded in the Laingsburg service area.

A total of 11 972 vehicles were screened for speeding and 3 378 speeding offences were recorded. The highest speeds were recorded on the N1 in the Brackenfell service area (192 km/h in a 120 km/h zone) and on the N2 in the Mossel Bay service area (153 km/h in a 100 km/h zone) and on the N1 in the Brackenfell service area (135 km/h in an 80 km/h zone). These drivers face a heavy fine and will appear in court soon.

A total of 1 784 vehicles were stopped in Average Speed Over Distance (ASOD) traffic law enforcement operations and 141 speeding offences were recorded. One driver was arrested in the Somerset West service area in connection with a false licence disk.

Another 28 arrests were made in connection with false documentation, alleged bribery and minibus taxi/ public transport permit-related offences. The suspects are expected to appear in court soon.

Breakdown of fines issued for various traffic violations




 Somerset West

 463 totalling R264 850

 162 totalling R108 100


 86 totalling R80 950

 121 totalling R68 100


 148 totalling R127 600

 121 totalling R57 400


 466 totalling R562 100

 172 totalling R97 500


 168 totalling R181 100

 244 totalling R123 100

 Mossel Bay

 211 totalling R186 300

 132 totalling R75 200


 13 totalling R14 900

 4 totalling R1 700

 Beaufort West

 430 totalling R536 750

 527 totalling R300 100


 215 totalling R191 900

 429 totalling R229 611


 195 totalling R180 400

 155 totalling R73 400


 72 totalling R63 100

 44 totalling R18 400


 368 totalling R382 050

 191 totalling R97 600


 338 totalling R354 000

 241 totalling R121 700

Help us to create booze-free roads. The simple fact is that alcohol and roads don’t mix. Whether you are driving, walking, or riding a motorbike or bicycle, even small amounts of alcohol can impair your ability to make decisions, operate a vehicle, or walk safely near traffic. If you have friends or family who still drive under the influence, speak to them before they get into trouble with the law.

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