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Conservation of Our Heritage

Heritage Western Cape is also responsible for the conservation of heritage resources. Our heritage resources are unique and should be celebrated, treasured and maintained. It they are damaged or destroyed, they cannot be recreated. Our province is diverse in its cultural heritage. All cultures help to shape the character of the province. This is why our heritage resources should be preserved, conserved, promoted and enjoyed by all who live here.

GEOGRAPHICAL NAMES: Call For Audit Of All Offensive Names In The Western Cape

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The Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, Anroux Marais, calls for an audit of all offensive names in the Western Cape. The audit aims to identify all offensive names as part of the ongoing process to develop a common national identity, social cohesion and inclusivity within the province.

Heritage Week: Visit Iziko Museums for free

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HWC, WCCC, WCLC: Public Entities of DCAS

The Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) delivers on its mandate by ensuring a socially inclusive, creative, active, and connected Western Cape within the arts, culture and sport fraternity and through its organisational programmes.


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The Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) promotes safe and healthy initiation through its initiation guidelines, the development of appropriate infrastructure at initiation sites and by involving custodians throughout the province. It also draws on the intellectual capacity of cultural and medical practitioners. 

Permits to Modify Historical Buildings

To comply with the National Heritage Resources Act, anyone who wishes to modify historical structures must apply to Heritage Western Cape (HWC) for permission. A historical structure is defined as a building older than 60 years.