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Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Sport: Overview

Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport 

Minister Ricardo Mackenzie

Minister Ricardo Mackenzie
About Minister Ricardo Mackenzie

Ricardo Mackenzie was appointed as the Provincial Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport in the Western Cape Government in the 7th Administration, bringing with him a wealth of experience and dedication to public service. His political journey began when he was selected as a Democratic Alliance (DA) candidate for the Western Cape Provincial Parliament ahead of the 2014 general election. Since then, he has served as a Member of the Provincial Legislature (MPL) for now three consecutive terms.

In February 2023, Mackenzie was appointed to lead the newly established Western Cape Mobility Department as the first Provincial Minister of Mobility. Now, as the newly appointed Provincial Minister of Cultural Affairs and Sport, he is planning to continue championing the cultural and sporting vibrancy of the Western Cape.

Throughout his tenure as a MPL in the Western Cape Parliament, Mackenzie has chaired numerous Standing Committees, including those on Cultural Affairs and Sport; Petitions, Transport and Public Works; and Premier and Constitutional Matters. He also served as member or alternative member on the Public Accounts, Budget, Health, Education, Social Development, Community Safety, Rules, Programming, Petitions, and Parliamentary Oversight Committees. Additionally, he has served as a Whip in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. 

He is the Deputy Chair of the Democratic Alliance Metro Region since 2023. In May 2024 he was also elected to serve as a member of the Democratic Alliance Federal Council, which is the DA National Body.

Mackenzie's professional background spans many years, having held roles at institutions such as the national Ministry of Sport and Recreation, Old Mutual Bank, JPMorgan Chase, The Presidency of Thabo Mbeki , Eurocape International, and Dial-A-Bed. His contributions have been recognized with several awards, including the JPMorgan Chase 'Worldwide Service Award' as one of their best employees and the 'Director-General Award for Innovation' from the Department of Sport and Recreation.

He holds an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Governance and Leadership  from the University of the Witwatersrand, and he is currently pursuing a Post-Graduate Diploma in Governance at the same institution.

Ricardo Mackenzie is passionate about sports, particularly rugby (a sport he played at high school and club level), and enjoys cycling (he completed the Cape Town Cycle Tour), hiking and exploring the beautiful beaches of the Western Cape. He loves small towns.  He is the proud father of two amazing girls and a dog lover. 

Overall, he is deeply committed to the betterment of South Africa and its people. His diverse experience in the private sector, governance, legislative processes, and executive management provides him with a unique perspective and a comprehensive understanding of what is required for a public service that delivers for all.





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