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Conservation of Our Heritage


Heritage Western Cape is also responsible for the conservation of heritage resources. Our heritage resources are unique and should be celebrated, treasured and maintained. If they are damaged or destroyed, they cannot be recreated. Our province is diverse in its cultural heritage. All cultures help to shape the character of the province. This is why our heritage resources should be preserved, conserved, promoted and enjoyed by all who live here.

As a community, conserving these resources will ensure that the cultural heritage of the people of the Western Cape is maintained. The diversity of the multicultural and democratic community of South Africa is achieved by creating a sense of understanding, nation-building and spiritual wellbeing. Heritage Western Cape seeks to treasure the cultural heritage resources of the Western Cape, which reflect both the achievements and contestations of the past and a vision of a richly endowed future and a home for all the people of the province.

Read more about Heritage Resources Management, Geographical Names and the DCAS public entity Heritage Western Cape (HWC) online.


Permit and authorisation applications for formally protected sites

As the provincial heritage resource authority of the Western Cape, Heritage Western Cape processes applications for permits and other authorisations required in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act, 1999.

Permits are required if any person intends to:

  • Destroy
  • Damage
  • Deface
  • Excavate
  • Alter
  • Or remove

a provincial heritage site, a provisionally protected place or structure older than 60 years, an archaeological or palaeontological site or a meteorite.

Permits are also required to reproduce a provincial heritage site.

A permit is also required to trade in or sell for private gain archaeological or palaeontological material or object or meteorite.

Consultation procedure regarding a protected area.

Intention to develop certain categories of sites (section 38).

Heritage Western Cape is also a commenting authority in terms of the Environmental Conservation Act, 1989. Heritage Western Cape has adopted as its guide the Guideline for Involving Heritage Specialist in EIA Processes.

Information gathered during the permitting process is archived by Heritage Western Cape so that a record is kept of heritage which has been destroyed or altered by human activities.

Heritage Resource Management responsiblities of local planning authorities and grading of heritage resources

Local planning authorities (municipalities) have responsibilities for heritage resource management.

Identifying heritage resources s30(5) and s31(1). In this regard, an inventory of heritage resources should be complied and submitted to Heritage Western Cape for the approval of the grading of those heritage resources.

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