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I-CAN Work is an initiative of the Western Cape Government's Digital Economy Unit that aims to empower people with the training, knowledge and tools they need to find and create work for themselves with a particular focus on how the use of digital technologies can help in doing so.
Digital technologies have significantly changed the world, including the labour market and have introduced new ways of searching for work, new ways of creating work for yourself, new ways of carrying out your work and new ways of improving your knowledge, skillset and education to better enable you to do so. I-CAN Work aims to enable you to know how to use these new ways of doing things to your benefit.




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The World of Work Training Module


The course covers the basics of the labour market and how it works, the requirements you should meet to properly participate in the labour market, what you have to offer in the labour market and how to improve  your chances in the labour market.  A key theme throughout the module will the impact of digital technologies on the world of work, how can you use digital technologies to find work and sell your skills to earn an income, and how to use digital technologies to continuously develop your skillset and advance yourself.



The course is split into the following 5 parts. It should  take you less than 10hours to complete.

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  • Labour Market Concept, Different Methods of Labour Market Participation
  • Competition in the Labour Market
  • Labour Market Participation as a traditional full-time employee
  • Labour Market Participation as a  full-time freelancer, independent contractor or one-man business
  • Mixed Labour Market Participation both as a full-time employee and as a part time freelancer, independent contractor or one-man business
  • Overview of what is needed to succeed in the labour market -  a summary of the topics to be covered in the coming videos
  • Introduction to the impact of digital technologies on the World of Work & Labour Market

The Basics of the Labour market 

Basic Requirements to be successful in the Labour Market

Basic requirements to be successful in the Labour market     

How to sell your Tim and Skills in the Labour Market

How to sell your time and skills in the Labour market

How to improve your chances of success in the Labour Market

How to improve your chances of sucess in the Labour market    

Starting your journey in the Labour Market

Starting your journey in the Labour market



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 CapaCiTi Tech Career Accelerator
This is the skills development division of the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative. It’s focus is training and experiential learning programmes open to the public that supports technical skills and professional development in the tech sector. The programmes provides the following 3 pathways into the tech sector: (1) Broad Based Digital Skills, (2) Introduction to Programming, and (3) Systems Development.


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Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator

Harambee is a not-for profit social enterprise that aims to help solve the global youth unemployment challenge.  Harambee is a 100% free opportunity for young South Africans that will help you view and apply for jobs, provide you with job seeking resources and training opportunities.

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I-CAN Centre Elsies River


 The I-CAN Centre in Elsies River is a public access facility that provides free      access to internet to assist in lookingfor jobs, digital skills programmes and      business services to citizens. It is open to any member of the public and is    split into multiple areas/zones that provide a wide variety of services both free and paid. These include free digital skills courses, paid and certified Microsoft, Adobe and programming courses, free 45min per day internetaccess and 300MB per month wi-fi access, printing, graphic design services and more.

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Freelancer & Gig Economy report  

Freelancer & Gig Economy Report

This short report provides a brief overview of the Freelance industry and Gig economy, including a review of some of the online freelancing platforms one can use to sell your services online. This would be a good starting point if you are considering being a freelancer or independent contractor/one person business offering digital services, like programming.

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  • To take the World of Work Training Module for free on the I-CAN LEARN platform go here

  • For more information on the Western Cape Government's online learning platform, I-CAN LEARN go here.



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