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A guide to exploring gig economy and freelancing and opportunities



A guide to exploring gig economy and freelancing and opportunities 


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Whether you are looking to join the gig economy and explore freelancing as an alternative option to work, or simply looking to expand your activities in this area, this guide assists by providing ideas and opportunity to source work, and to market your skills and expertise.


Freelancing opportunities

In the pages that follow, details are provided for freelancing opportunities across the following sectors:

  • Professional and Creative Services
  • Film Industry Specific
  • Writing and Journalism
  • Repairs, Maintenance and Household Services
  • Micro Jobs and Tutoring
  • Hailing, Driving and Courier Services
  • Dining, Food, Parties and Events
  • Tourism, Hospitality and Accommodation
  • Beauty and Wellness


Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of platforms, and in by no means an endorsement of any one particular platform listed. Furthermore, information is summarised from various websites and is intended as a high level overview. If you are interested in any specific platform, you are encouraged to explore directly with the platform via their information channels.  All information was correct as of late May or early June 2020.

Professional and Creative Services

Platform Sector Description






Software Dev


Fiverr.com opened in 2010 and boasts that 11 million businesses enter into a project with freelancers every 5 seconds on its platform with 25 million projects already completed.

On Fiverr, freelancers post a gig they are capable of doing and provide a least 3 packages at 3 different standard prices. Businesses then search for services (a ‘gig’) that match the project they want to do and purchase one of the freelancer’s standard packages.






Software Dev


Freelancer.com opened in 2009 and boasts around 32 million employers and freelancers globally from over 247 countries, regions and territories.

Freelancer.com uses a competitive bid system allowing freelancer to bid against each other to take on a project. 

Hubstaff Talent



      All industries  / sectors

Hubstaff Talent is a free resource for companies that are looking to find remote talent across the globe. Users can browse agencies and freelancers, and contact them directly. The service has been operational since 2012.

There is a free service sign-on option for users, with other varying payment options for additional services. The directory is run by Hubstaff, a time tracking platform for remote teams that helps users track billable hours, understands what is being worked on and, time zone challenges, as well as setting priorities in a remote environment.

NoSweat Work


   Marketing  and Media



       IT and Software

NoSweat Work is a freelance placement and engagement management platform, where its users can find freelance or full-time staff.

Freelancers pay nothing to be listed, but are urged to maintain an up-to-date profile, including LinkedIn profiles.

The money they offer in the post is what you get (less tax). They charge the client 13.1% of the project cost. (Information correct as taken from website on 28 May 2020).

Nomad Now


(Information correct as taken from website on 28 May 2020).

Professional services

IT, Software Dev, Data analytics, etc

Financial services

Legal / Compliance

Many more

Nomad Now is a South African based platform which offers clients to transact directly with and hire freelancers and independent contractors.

Freelancers register on the platform, create a profile and indicate availability. Clients then search through profiles and offer jobs to prospective freelancers.

Nomad Now charges and deducts a 4% (plus VAT) agent fee from order revenues collected from the Client on behalf of freelancers, before transferring these revenues to such freelancers.

Although seldom applicable on a platform for professionals, for the record, Nomad Now does not support contract rates under R20.00 per hour or R3500.00 per month, depending on hours worked, as legislated by The National Minimum Wage Act of 2019. Note that Rates are agreed directly between clients and freelancers.

Film Industry Specific

Platform  Sector Description







Camera operators



Paydesk is an on-demand platform for freelancers in the broadcasting field.

Clients can search for a correspondent that matches their requirements. 
They have over 6000 members who can report from over 165 countries.
They are already on location so they can react quickly and are experts in their field.

Crew Pencil




Film industry crew

Crew Pencil is a South African platform started in 2015 which offers a comprehensive online directory of crew and suppliers for the South African film industry. This is a platform for producers to easily source who and what they need for their shoot.

Crew users manage their own profiles online and have access to a Diary, Inbox & Invoicing.

Listed crew and production users have access to a job posting directory where they can post and look at available jobs.

Crew Pencil charges a once-off registration fee of R600, applicable to all new crew signing up.

(Information correct as taken from website on 28 May 2020).

Writing and journalism

Platform Sector Description






Content writing

iWriter, is a platform for freelance writers from across the world. It is a US-based platform, and users are paid in US dollars.

Writers get paid via Paypal payments. Writers must earn a minimum of $20 each week in order to be paid out and is paid out every Tuesday. You need to register a Paypal account in order to receive payment.

iWriters get paid 65% of the price of each article and jobs are pay-per-word format. The per-word value varies based on your writer "level" (i.e. Standard, Premium, Elite or Elite Plus) and the length of the article. The different writer levels are determined by the quality of the written content. Levels are achieved through a reviewer rating mechanism.

(Information correct as taken from website on 28 May 2020).

Repairs, Maintenance and Household Services

Platform Sector Description





Trades people and artisans

Building & repairs


Developed in South Africa, getTOD is a free-to-download mobile application that allows users to connect with tradespeople to meet their particular needs.

Customers will register their requirement via the app and tradepeople are able to quote on a job. Once selected, the platform takes a percentage of the hourly rate. The platforms aims to improve market access for tradespeople, as well as manage the financial implications upfront, thereby ensuring all parties are satisfied and compensated for services rendered.





Professional services




Events planners

Project managers

Many more

Snupit connects users with the best local professionals — from home improvements to planning a wedding.

Customers visit their website and answer a few questions about the service they are looking for. The job is then shared with he freelancer to send a quote.

Snupit is a south African platform established in 2013.






Domestic services

SweepSouth connects domestic workers with people in search of domestic cleaning services.









DSTV installers

Auto Gates

Bail attorneys

BuddyAssist provides users with essential services, either on an emergency 24/7 basis or on a non-emergency quotation system.






Pet sitting


PetBacker users can find and book local pet sitters, dog walkers and pet service providers in their city.

Pet sitters register on the site and set up a profile. Pet owners looking for services will request a quote through the platform, and pet sitters need to meet some minimum requirements like keeping schedules up to date and responding to requests within 24 hour timeframe.





Baby sitters

Au pair


Frail care

House sitting

Sitters4U is a full-service professional childcare placement agency in South Africa.


Interested persons can apply online.


Micro Jobs and Tutoring

Platform Sector  Description

M4Jam (Money4jam)




Low skill workers

Under-employed persons


M4Jam allows for under-employed and unemployed people of South Africa to earn money, purchase goods and services and upskill themselves through micro-jobbing and micro-module learning.

Jobbers can sign Up on the M4JAM App. All owners of a mobile devices and everyone 18 years and older are welcome to start jamming.

Jobbers earn through the completion small tasks and surveys.





Tutors for CAPS curriculum subjects


Launched in 2006, Brightsparkz connects parents and learners to tutors for an individually tailored learning support experience.

Prospective tutors need to have excelled academically and be currently studying or have completed tertiary studies, to join the team of tutors. Lessons take place at learners’ homes, so having your own transport is essential.

First Tutors






All subjects


First Tutors allows students/parents to choose a home tutor for all popular subjects at many levels and to begin private tuition at their home or the tutor’s home.

Tutors need to create a profile on First Tutors to advertise as a tutor. The platform allows tutors to share their skills and experience with potential students, as well as giving them a sense of your personality and teaching style. The feedback system also helps you build trust by displaying reviews and testimonials from your happy students.

In South Africa, tutors get to set their own rates and you keep 100% of the money they earn from tutoring. The website does not take a cut or interfere with your relationship with your students.

e-Hailing, Driving and Courier Services

Platform Sector Description

Bolt (previously Taxify)





Ride sharing


Bolt, previously Taxify, is an online ride-hailing platform that connects riders and drivers, established in 2013.

Drivers do not have to offer services on a full-time basis and can drive the hours they have available.

Bolt does not have any monthly fees, so drivers are only paid for finished trips. Bolt asks for 10% to 20% of the ride fee, depending on your city. You can get more information by contacting them.

You don’t need to have your own car. Bolt can help you match with our partner fleets or rental companies who offer competitive rates on vehicles that are accepted on their platform. In some cities, longer term drivers can get financing deals from our partner.

(Information correct as taken from website on 09 June 2020).






Share driving


CarTrip is a communal transportation service for music festivals, sporting events, conferences, and more. You create an event ridesharing page for free.

Drivers post their rides to your event. Passengers can see rides, message drivers, and book online.

Carpooling or ridesharing is when several people travel in a car together and share the cost of the ride. CarTrip connects people who need to travel with drivers who have empty seats, so that they can share a trip together, and all save money!

CarTrip is not a taxi service that picks up the rider at the riders location and drops off the rider at the rider’s destination.

In the case of CarTrip, when the driver is offering rides, the driver is travelling from an origin to a destination independent of any riders. The driver picks up and drops-off riders along the way with minor deviations for the convenience of the pickup and drop-off.






Ride sharing


GoCarShare, founded in the UK is a car-sharing platform.

Driving somewhere? Say no to empty seats. Get your car seats earning money and meet fun people by sharing the journey.

There is no compulsory charge for using the site for either the passengers or the drivers. If you have enjoyed using the site, then you will be able to contribute towards future developments if you wish.

Each passenger should ensure that they have the correct amount of money to pay the driver for their contribution to the travel costs at the start of the journey. It is the passenger’s responsibility to ensure that they have the correct amount of change to pay the driver.

GoCarShare leaves it in the hands of the driver to decide upon the size of the contribution they would like to ask for.






Ride sharing


inDriver is an e-hailing service that lets users enter the amount they are willing to pay for a trip, and the the order is confirmed by the first driver willing to accept that price. Developed in Russia and launched in 2019, inDriver has a commission never higher than 9.5%.

inDriver always shows the total cost of the ride as well as its destination. If you don't like the passenger's price? Then offer your own right on the app.









Uber’s core service is developing technology that connects drivers and riders on demand.

Interested drivers can sign up on the platform. Requirements will differ based on legal requirements in each location.

Jumpin Rides




Ride sharing


Jumpin Rides, launched in SA in 2016, is a peer-to-peer ride-sharing platform. Members can find or offer a ride to thousands of other verified members.

Interested drivers can register on the platform and drivers list the available seats they have for a particular journey. Riders can also ask for exclusively female rides.





Corporate driving


LÜLA is an app that connects corporate commuters to private shuttles on their way to work.

To become a LÜLA driver, you can start by downloading the LULA Commuter app onto your iOS or Android device and sign up to our platform through the app. Once you’ve created a profile, enter your work address and home address. Now, sit back and wait for them to activate your loop! A loop reaches demand when there are at least three riders interested. Depending on demand, this might take some time so please be patient as your loop populates.

When your loop has met demand, it will be activated! Once your loop has been activated, you can choose what time you want to leave/arrive by booking and paying for your ride through the LULA Commuter app.

Zula Afrika




Car pooling


Zula Afrika is a South African tech company that enables car-pooling across cities.

You can sign up as a driver by doing the following:

  • Download the Zula Afrika app available on the Appstore or GooglePlay.
  • Setup your profile as either a passenger, a driver, or both.
  • Add your travel itinerary and request to catch or offer a ride.
  • The Zula Afrika app will connect you with drivers or passengers travelling in the same direction as you.
  • A list of drivers and their proposed cost for the ride will be made available for your selection.

Mr Delivery 




Courier service


Mr Delivery offers food and retail deliveries. You can become a Driver Partner

You can apply online on their website and their recruitment team will be in touch to schedule your interview at a branch close to you!


  • An Android smartphone for the delivery app & GPS.
  • Your own scooter, motorbike or light vehicle
  • ID
  • Valid Driver’s Licence
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Bank details
  • Vehicle Registration form
  • Clear criminal record

If Non-South African, need:

  • National/International driver’s license
  • Valid passport
  • Work permit/ Asylum

Working conditions and Benefits:

  • Work part-time Friday-Sunday, or full-time.

Dining, Food, Parties and Events

Platform  Sector  Description




Chefs & restaurants

DINE4SIX, launched in SA in 2017, is a social dining platform that connects chefs, restaurants and diners by hosting curated chefs’ tables at restaurants in cities around the world.

Tourism, Hospitality and Accommodation    
Platform Sector Description





Tour guides and operators

Events planners


GetYourGuide users can access a variety of activities while travelling. GetYourGuide works with professional suppliers offering tours, attractions, city cards, transfers, seasonal sports, special excursions, and cooking classes.

Suppliers usually tend to offer products in the following categories:

  • Tours
  • Activities
  • Nightlife
  • Cooking Classes
  • City Cards
  • Ground Transportation / Transfers
  • Snow & Winter Sports
  • Attractions

Interested suppliers, can sign up at: https://supplier.getyourguide.com/register

AirBnb Experience




Tour guides


Events planners




Through Airbnb experiences, tourists are given unique and authentic local experiences from horse-back riding, cooking classes, wine-tasting, guided hikes, art classes, nature experiences, historical and cultural heritage, animal encouters, bar crawls, to mention just a few.

Lead by local experts who love where they’re from and what they do.

Apply on the platform through and online submission process, which is part of the vetting process.





Room accommodation rental

Tourist accommodation


Homestay.com enables hosts to book out rooms in a home for the travel market.

Users can book accommodation in a local person’s home for an authentic travel experience. Earn extra income renting out your spare room to professionals, international students and tourists looking for nightly, weekly and monthly stays.

An example of how the payment option works: For those hosts availing of our Standard payment option, the guest pays a 15% booking fee of the price of stay to confirm the booking. Hosts receive the price of the stay directly from the guest on arrival. Hosts should include in their homestay profile how they would like to be paid, for instance by bank transfer, cash, PayPal or another payment method and communicate with their guests after the booking is made and prior to their arrival and confirm your preferred payment method with them.

(Information correct as taken from website on 09 June 2020).





Rental accommodation


HouseME is a digital platform that connects prospective tenants to landlords.

HouseME manages thousands of properties, empowering independent landlords across South Africa. They help advertise properties, co-ordinate viewings, vet tenants, hold the deposit and lease agreement, handle maintenance and collect rent. All for a very low rental management fee.




Tourist accommodation

LekkeSlaap offers accommodation options across South Africa and Namibia.





Tourist accommodation


Airbnb is an online marketplace and hospitality service, accessible online or via app, where users can arrange or offer lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences.

From more formal establishments to renting a room in a home.





Student accommodation


DigsConnect is an accommodation marketplace that connects landlords with students who are looking for places to stay close to campus.

Landlords register their accommodation online. DigsConnect invoice for 3.5% of the gross value of the lease and we will reward the student who signed the lease.

(Information correct as taken from website on 09 June 2020).

Beauty and Wellness

Platform Sector Description





Beauty Therapists

Hair Stylists

Wellness therapists


PrimU is an on-demand mobile platform that connects users with beauty and wellness therapists.

Prim-U is South Africa’s first online booking hub that connects world-class beauty entrepreneurs in the industry to customers and hundreds of salons, spas, hotels and guests houses countrywide.

From massages to beauty treatments to male grooming, we’re your one-stop platform for every pampering need.


Disclaimer: There are many website and Internet resources available and this article is by no means exhaustive. The information, company and brand names of many products and services are mentioned, without their express permission, and other companies and brands are available. The intent of providing this information is to inform the public and business communities, thereby driving digital adoption. Their understanding is greatly appreciated.
The content on this page was last updated on 13 October 2020