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Our GoDigital Western Cape Webinars series was an offering of 25 free lunchtime webinars, with the aim of shedding light on all things digital for businesses. It focused on demystifying the digital economy and the digitisation of business. It also provided valuable insights and views from thought leaders and practitioners in the industry during the height of the COVID pandemic, when business were forced to rapidly transition into a digital space.

View the #GoDigitalWC Webinars below:


#GoDigitalWC Webinar: Smart Green-Tech: Digital Innovation in the Green Economy - 21  October 2020




#GoDigitalWC Webinar: BabyBoomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z....? - 07 October 2020



#GoDigitalWC Webinar: Virtual Reality: The next frontier in digital marketing - 30 September 2020

#GoDigitalWC Webinar: The Art & Etiquette of Virtual Meetings & Conferencing - 9 September 2020




#GoDigitalWC Webinar: What the ISP?! Broadband options for your business - 2 September 2020



#GoDigitalWC Webinar: Re-imagining the possible: Building business resilience - 26 August 2020




#GoDigitalWC Webinar: The SMME Financing Landscape in South Africa - 19 August 2020




#GoDigitalWC Webinar: Ka-ching-Ka-ching. Is cash still king? Mobile transacting - 12 August 2020



#GoDigitalWC Webinar: In conversation with tech entrepreneur, Jade Wyngaardt - 12 July 2020



#GoDigitalWC Webinar: Digital literacy & your business: Tools, tips & tech for SMME's - 29 July 2020



#GoDigitalWC Webinar: Demystifying mobile payments - 22 July 2020

  • SnapScan presentation  presentations can be viewed here
  • Sikeka Solutions presentations can be viewed here


#GoDigitalWC Webinar: Cloud-based solutions for SMME's with Amazon Web Services - 15 July 2020



#GoDigitalWC Webinar: Insights into e-Commerce with Mr D Food and NetFlorist - 08 July 2020

  • Mr D Food presentation  presentations can be viewed here
  • NetFlorist presentations can be viewed here




#GoDigitalWC Webinar: Excel Masterclass - Practical Skills to Digitise your Business - 01 July 2020

Excel Masterclass -Practical skills to digitise your business presentation can be viewed here




#GoDigitalWC Webinar: Microsoft - Adapting to the new normal and building resilience - 24 June 2020

Microsoft: Adapting to the new normal and building resilience presentation can be viewed here




#GoDigitalWC Webinar on 'Protecting your business from online attacks' - 17 June 2020

Protecting your business from online attacks presentation can be viewed here




#GoDigitalWC Webinar on 'Slowing the Spread': Covid-19 Workplace Safety - 10 June 2020

GoDigitalWC -  Slowing the Spread: Covid-19 workplace safety presentation can be viewed here




#GoDigitalWC Webinar on 'Legal boot camp for your Online Business' - 03 June 2020

The presentation can be accessed via the following link: https://prezi.com/view/slscaGZ9kZXvj98ys49u/




#GoDigitalWC Webinar on Crowdfunding - 27 May 2020





#GoDigitalWC Webinar on Google My Business & Google Ads - 20 May 2020

Our panelists on the 'Google My Business and Google my Ads' webinar from Africa 118, a Google My Business Featured Partner, have extended an invitation to Western Cape SMMEs to contact them directly for further information and limited free assistance related to setting up a Google My Business Profile. Click here to access assistance directly from Africa 118. This is made possible due to the collaboration between Western Cape Government and Africa 118 on the #GoDigitalWC Webinar series. Alternatively, you can set up your Google my Business Profile through the Jump for entrepreneurs app (available on Google playstore and Appstore) using the ‘Tools and Apps’ Google feature or directly through the Google browser

  • Google Ads presentation can be viewed here
  • Google my business presentation can be viewed here




#GoDigitalWC Webinar on Digital marketing - 14 May 2020



#GoDigitalWC Webinar on eCommerce Webinar- 7 May 2020




#GoDigitalWC Webinar on Jump for Entrepreneurs - 30 April 2020

JUMP for Entrepreneurs presentation can be viewed here













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