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Youth Celebrate Freedom Day at Baxter Theatre

24 April 2013

“When Freedom Came” is an exciting music, drama and dance production to be performed at the Baxter Theatre on 26 and 27 April 2013. Fifty-five learners from high schools across the Cape Peninsula will be displaying their talents on stage in this vibrant celebration of Freedom Day.

Daniel Dyani narrates the story of his family during the struggle against apartheid. The tale is one of tragedy, the cost of secrets, creative brilliance, twisted cultural pride and, ultimately, the power of forgiveness. 

The performers are all participants in the MOD [Mass participation, Opportunity and access, Development and growth] Programme of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS). MOD centres provide high school learners with opportunities to engage in a variety sporting and cultural activities after school.

Performers in this production come from MOD Centres based at Hout Bay High School, Lavender Hill High School, Fairmount High School, Leiden High School and Kwamfundo High School.

When Freedom Came is a clear example of the way youth participating in MOD Centre programmes of DCAS are able to work better together to give expression to their creative and sporting talents.

For more information on reservation of tickets, please contact Ya’eesh Mohamed to collect your tickets from 24 April 2013. (Ya' or 021 483 9660). Tickets are available for the production taking place on 27 April.


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