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Wheat Harvesting Day In Moorreesburg A Great Success

7 December 2015

Wheat harvesting has changed significantly over the last years, and with newer, more modern technology being introduced and evolving every day, it has become much simpler.

But on Saturday 5 December 2015, farmers in Moorreesburg decided to show residents and everyone present how wheat harvesting was done in the past by our grandfathers and great- grandfathers.

Oesdag op Moorreesburg was hosted by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sport (DCAS) in collaboration with the Wheat Industry Museum, Grain SA, the Swartland Municipality, Moorreesburg Rollermeule, Shoprite and Checkers, Overberg Agri, Piket and Swartland Veteran Clubs, MKB and SAVTEK. The event was held at the Wheat Industry Museum where old and young gathered to enjoy the day.

The full, well-organised programme ensured that the day was a great success. The museum was open to visitors, there was a bread baking competition, stalls to sell food and drinks, and a live band and singer, among other things. The main event of the day, however, was the harvesting of the wheat that had been planted on the museum grounds. This was no easy matter, as the farmers continued to demonstrate how wheat was harvested using no modern machinery. They made use of a sickle and scythe, donkeys pulling iron wheel tractors, cutting machines and machines that resemble a ‘mowing’ action.

Andries Theron, the chairperson of Grain SA, described the day as a privilege to be a part of. “Some of these machines are a lot older than most of us here, yet they are well taken care of, contrary to many things we see today in general. I really appreciate the fact that you have used your talents to make this day possible and to share it with us. Today is something very significant”, he said.

Let’s support events at local museums and continue to preserve and celebrate our history BETTER TOGETHER.

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