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Traffic Law Enforcement Operations and Accident Statistics

10 December 2009

The school is closing today, 11 December 2009, which will lead to parents and holiday makers going on leave to travel over long distances to visit families and friends. Visitors from all over the country will be entering the Province of the Western Cape. Holiday resorts, camping sites along the Coastal Towns will experience an increase in festivities leading to high traffic volumes on National and Provincial routes.

The objectives as set out in the Integrated Summer Operational plan is to minimise road trauma, accidents, injuries and fatalities through a heightened awareness road traffic safety management strategy that address all critical traffic related issues and a series of integrated Traffic law enforcement operations on all National, Provincial and Local routes in the Western Cape.

A total number of 95% of Traffic Law Enforcement officials will be deployed on all National and Provincial routes. No leave will be granted to Traffic officials, only in extreme cases. There will be high visibility patrols, roadblocks, vehicle check points (VCP's), speed measuring and overload control on all National and Provincial roads.

Traffic law enforcement officials will monitor the movement of busses and mini busses. We found that drivers of public transport vehicles are leaving Cape Town legally loaded, but then load passengers on route between Beaufort West and Cape Town.

One accident is one accident too many for us. Our message to all motorists is to seriously think about the safety of all passengers with you in your vehicle and other road users by conducting the following:

  • Obey all traffic rules
  • Keep safe following distances
  • Avoid inconsiderate driving
  • Keep to the prescribed speed limit
  • Do not overload
  • Stick to the principle of 2 hour drive 15 minutes break
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Plan your journey and include rest times
  • Buckle up
  • Display positive driver behaviour

Let us all arrive safely home.

Accident Statistics

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