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Suspension of Operating License of Owner of Taxi Involved in Motorcycle Accident

7 April 2010
Minister of Transport and Public Works, Robin Carlisle has triggered the process to suspend the operating license of the owner of the minibus taxi which was illegally driven by the seventeen (17) year old youngster and resulted in the tragic accident which killed Mr. Kevin Brooks last week.

This is the first time that the Department of Transport suspends a taxi operator in terms of the Western Cape Road Transportation Act Amendment Law.

This follows the Department of Transport and Public Works investigation into the ownership and registration of the minibus taxi which was involved in that accident. The investigation revealed that the vehicle in question belonged to Mr. K. Sitwebile.

Furthermore, the Provincial Operating Licensing Board found that the vehicle was not linked to a valid operating license which means that it was operating illegally. However, Mr. Sitwebile has an operating license for another vehicle registered in his name. Accordingly, the Department has initiated the process to cancel this operating license and deregister the operator. In the meantime the suspension will prevent the operator from providing any public transport service.

Minister Carlisle said that he was unequivocally committed to compel taxi and bus owners to take their responsibility towards road safety seriously by verifying that their drivers are suitably qualified to drive before they appoint them.

"Taxi and bus owners have a responsibility, as employers, to ensure that their drivers have valid driving licenses at all times. If Mr. Sitwebile had done this, Mr. Brooks would probably still be with his family and loved ones."

"Unqualified drivers are a risk to the lives of other road users and Mr. Brooks' tragic death shows why we should not allow anyone to drive without a license."

Mr. Sitwebile, the taxi association of which he is a member, and the City of Cape Town, have been informed about the decision to suspend the operator.

Minister Carlisle emphasised that is in the best interest of safe public transport to suspend operators who flagrantly ignore their responsibility to promote road safety.

"Everybody has a personal responsibility to get themselves safely home and ensure that they do nothing to prevent other road users from doing the same."

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