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Re-opening of Chapman's Peak Drive Postponed

6 August 2009

The Minister of Transport and Public Works Robin Carlisle has been informed by Entilini that they are unable to fulfill their commitment to re-open Chapman's Peak Drive this month.


Minister Carlisle is disappointed and exasperated by the postponement. "Entilini promised me, personally and my department, on numerous occasions in the past that they were well on track to meet the August deadline. In turn, I promised Capetonians that the road would open on time. I will wear the responsibility for this delay but let me be clear - Chapman's Peak will reopen for this summer.

Entilini's reasons for the postponement are inter alia that the quantum of construction works have more than doubled since the outset of the contract; poor weather conditions, the delayed arrival of construction material and the recent construction strike all factored in to the postponement of the planned re-opening.

The late notification of the delay is totally unacceptable and I will instruct Entilini to keep me personally abreast with developments on a weekly basis.

I will scrutinize Entilini's project plan for the final completion of the drive - line by line - and hold them to account. Whilst I understand that there may be elements beyond anyone's control, I will not tolerate tardiness. I will only announce a completion date when it is viable and credible - I'm not going to keep the public hanging on like this.





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