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Provincial Education Drive to Enroll Learners Early for 2011

10 August 2010

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has launched a drive to persuade parents to register their children early for school next year, if their children are starting primary or high school, or if they are changing schools in 2011.

"It's essential that parents and caregivers register their children well before the end of the year," said Western Cape Minister for Education Donald Grant on Wednesday.

"We want to be prepared and ready for the year ahead, therefore, we need to know how many children will be enrolled in our schools so that we can complete our plans for 2011 as soon as possible. If we want to ensure that quality teaching and learning starts on the very first day of the new school year, we need to ensure that every child has a place in a school, as far as possible."

Grant said that parents and caregivers should preferably enroll their children before the end of the third term on the 23rd of September.

"If they don't, they may find that their schools of choice are full. Many schools are already full and have closed admissions for 2011," he said.

"Parents should first approach schools directly to register their children. If they encounter any difficulties they can telephone the department's enrolment helpline for assistance, if necessary, on 0800-200-506, and we will work with parents and schools to identify places where possible."

Grant said that the department could not guarantee that parents would get places at their first schools of choice.

"But we will do everything possible to assist parents who are battling to find places for their children."

The campaign, "School enrolment for 2011", started during the week of 26 July with appeals on community radio stations and broadcasts on selected railway stations focusing mainly on rapidly growing communities in greater Cape Town and the Southern Cape where we may experience late enrolments.

The broadcasts are supported by mobile billboards which have appeared in selected communities during the second and third weeks of the campaign.

The WCED are also distributing leaflets during this time at selected schools and key commuter points.

"We are appealing to parents and caregivers to help us to help their children. We can go a long way towards providing quality education if schooling can start on the very first day of term in January 2011," said Grant.

"While we expect to have some late enrollments by learners, especially those that have migrated from other provinces, we hope to minimise this impact so that we can all concentrate our efforts on providing quality education every day of the school year."

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