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Premier disappointed at latest Eskom tariff hike

13 January 2023

Media release: Premier Winde disappointed at Eskom tariff hike.

Premier Alan Winde has expressed his deep disappointment in the National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s (NERSA) decision to grant Eskom an 18.65% tariff hike for the 2023/24 financial year. “This is another blow to already hard-pressed citizens, particularly poor residents in our province who are unable to make alternative arrangements and rely on this essential service,” he said.

“Consumers are being charged more for a service that we are not getting. This hike is far above inflation and excessive. In an economy that is already vulnerable and trying to rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic this will just contribute further to hardship for our residents, “stressed the Premier.

At the inaugural meeting of the Western Cape’s Energy Council today, Western Cape Government (WCG) officials gathered to set out its agenda. “The Council is committed to looking at all options to stabilise and increase alternative power generation in our province to further our economic recovery, protect small businesses, and help individual citizens. We need to become independent of Eskom and be energy resilient,” Premier Winde reiterated.