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More residents have taken occupancy of emergency structures in Masiphumelele

23 February 2021

Western Cape Minister of Human Settlements, Tertuis Simmers says 400 emergency units in Masiphumelele have been erected on the site where a devastating fire in December 2020 destroyed approximately 1 100 informal homes.

All of these temporary units are now occupied by residents, after 79 were attended to for minor defects. 

Minister Simmers said: “I’m pleased that the three spheres of government and the Housing Development Agency (HDA), along with the assistance of the community leadership, have been able to swiftly assist some of those who were affected by this disaster. This is a clear demonstration of how quickly assistance can be provided once there is synergy between all those concerned.

As a caring  government, we have to now ensure that construction of the other emergency units on the sports field can commence so that those who are still waiting to be assisted can also be afforded the opportunity to have their own roof over their heads.

I am concerned that there are some individuals in the community that are preventing the construction of the temporary units on the sports field to commence. More so, as these residents are seeking to benefit even though they were not affected by this disaster.

The longer this stalemate continues, the longer it will take to ensure that these victims have a decent roof over their heads. My department’s stakeholder team, along with our various government partners and the HDA will continue to engage this group so that this matter can speedily be resolved.

It is important to once again point out that this is only temporary shelter. We’ve commenced with the statutory processes, and upon conclusion we will start with long term housing solutions for the most vulnerable and qualifying residents, by providing permanent shelter through the use of Sustainable Building Technology (SBT’s).

I want to thank those community leaders and members who have been assisting us in ensuring that the process to deliver and erect these units is running smoothly.”

Media Enquiries: 

Marcellino Martin
Spokesperson for Minister Tertuis Simmers
Tel: 021 483 3397
Mobile: 082 721 3362


Nathan Adriaanse
Director Communication & Stakeholder Relations
Tell: 021 483 2868
Mobile: 083 2631720